LinkWare 7 –A good thing just got a lot better!

June 27, 2012 / General

What do Albert Einstein and Michael Jordan have in common?  No, they’re not both LinkWare users… They focused on continuously learning and pushing the envelope even though they were already far ahead of everybody else. Just like our engineers who worked tirelessly to rebuild LinkWare from the ground up and make the best even better. Improvements include:

  • LinkWare Stats now included
  • OptiFiber Pro support
  • Verifies calibration status of DTX main frames
  • Verifies software version of DTX, OptiFiber and OptiFiber Pro
  • Re-certify fiber results
  • Change headroom from margin to loss on fiber results
  • New OTDR Report Format
  • New zoom feature on graphs
  • Tabs to ease users with multiple projects
  • Application list now supports 40G, 100G
  • Larger files handled much more gracefully
  • Removed support for importing from some older testers to free up speed and space for the new ones. 

The best just got better, and its still a free download!  If you haven’t downloaded your free copy yet, go to /support/downloads/52469/LinkWare%2526%25230153%253B%2BCable%2BTest%2BManagement%2BSoftware to get it!