Analog Tone Generator - MicroMapper™ Pro

The MicroMapper™ Pro Toner has a built-in Analog tone generator for toning cables.

Here are six easy steps for using the Toner feature:

  1. Slide the switch on the right side of MicroMapper™ to the Toner position.
  2. Connect the cable to the MicroMapper™ RJ45 jack.
    (To send a tone into a patch panel, connect one end of the included patch cord to the MicroMapper™ RJ45 jack and the other end to a jack on the panel.)
  3. To generate Tone 1, press and quickly release the (TEST) button.
  4. To generate Tone 2, press and hold the (TEST) button for two seconds.
  5. Use the MICROPROBE to trace the connected cable. The signal reception is strongest near the cable under test.
  6. Slide the switch on the right side to the OFF position to discontinue the tone.

Note: Always power the unit off to prevent battery drain.