Project will not SYNC from Versiv to LinkWare Live

If you have results in a Project on Versiv that fail to SYNC to LinkWare Live, here is a workaround that may allow you to get the results to SYNC successfully. 



Project folder on Versiv “Results 1” contains results that you need to be able to see and review in LinkWare Live.

When attempting to SYNC to LinkWare Live, the Project and results are not transferred successfully.

How can results be imported to LinkWare Live if the Project will not SYNC successfully?


Workaround:  Make a new project, move the results to the new project, try LinkWare Live SYNC again

  1. Create a new Project in Versiv with a unique name

From the Home screen, tap Project > New Project and enter the unique name (i.e. “Results 2”)

  1. Press the HOME button, tap the Project box, tap CHANGE PROJECT, and select original project “Results 1” that contains the test results.
  2. Press the HOME button, then tap Results
  3. Tap Manage and select all results
  4. Tap MOVE. 

    On the “MOVE TO” screen, tap the new project configured in Step 1 (“Results 2”)

A confirm dialog box is presented; tap MOVE.  ​

The results are transferred to the new Project; tap OK

  1. Final Step:  Try SYNC again to your LinkWare Live Organization