Rollover cable - DTX Cable Analyzer

You can test a rollover cable with DTX Version 1.4 or later (Current Version is 2.78), BUT you will have to create a custom test limit first. The following steps will walk you through on how to set up your DTX CableAnalyzer to do this. 
  1. Turn the dial to SETUP
  2. Select Twisted Pair, Press ENTER
  3. Select Test Limit, Press ENTER
  4. Press F1 for More
  5. On the Test Limit screen, scroll down to Custom, Press ENTER
  6. Once in the Test Limit Custom screen Press F1 Create
  7. Press ENTER on Name and give the Test Limit a name, then Press SAVE
  8. Select Use Default Values and press ENTER
  9. From here you can select the test standard you desire to use the default values from.
  10. Select the Test Standard and press SAVE
  11. You will need to select the test after it has been created, this is done when by pressing ENTER on your newly created custom test name. (CAUTION: Most people forget to do this step)
  12. Select Outlet Configuration and press ENTER.
  13. Select Rollover, then press ENTER.
  14. Rotate the dial back to AUTOTEST to begin testing.