Self test: DSX-PLA004 and DSX-CHA004 adapter verification with the DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer

If you receive failures when testing, there is the possibility of a faulty DSX-PLA004 Permanent Link Adapter. You could also have a faulty DSX-CHA004 Channel Adapter if you were carrying out Channel testing too.

A Cat 6 Self Test will help to determine if you have faulty DSX-PLA004 Permanent Link or DSX-CHA004 Channel Adapters.

  • Insert the DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer modules into the main frames.
  • Power up the main and remote units.
  • Plug in a DSX-PLA004 Permanent Link Adapter into the DSX module on the Versiv/TFS main unit. (The one with the LCD)
  • Plug in a DSX-CHA004 Channel Adapters into the other DSX module, and connect the adapters directly together as shown below:

  • Press the HOME button
  • Tap on the Test Limit field, which is the large rectangular area just below the PROJECT section.
  • Tap on NEW TEST in the lower left corner.
  • In the TEST SETUP screen, tap on the Test Limit: bar.
  • Tap on MORE in the lower right corner.
  • Select Application.
  • Swipe up to select Cat6 Selftest.
  • Tap on the Cable Type: bar.
  • Select Cat 6 F/UTP. (If you do not see this, tap MORE > Generic)
  • IMPORTANT: In the TEST SETUP screen, tap SAVE in the lower right corner:

  • In the CHANGE TEST screen, make sure the Cat6 Selftest test is selected.
  • Tap USE SELECTED in lower right corner.
  • You are now ready to run the test.

Go ahead and test the following configurations to completely eliminate any adapter issue:

  1. Permanent Link Adapter 1 to Channel Adapter 1
  2. Permanent Link Adapter 2 to Channel Adapter 1
  3. Permanent Link Adapter 1 to Channel Adapter 2

If Steps 1 and 2 PASS, your Permanent Link Adapters are good. It's a good idea to do Step 3 to verify the remaining DSX-CHA004 Channel Adapter.

If ALL combinations of the test fail, or you cannot test at all with any combination of the adapters, please contact the Technical Assistance Center.

Replacement Part Numbers:

DSX-PLA004S – Set of 2 permanent link adapters
DTX-CHA004S – Set of 2 channel adapters