Main as Remote for Testing

Did you know that a Versiv main unit can be used as a Remote for Tier 1 Loss testing, or as a Remote for a copper twisted pair autotest? 

Go to Tools > Main as Remote.

This works for testing copper or fiber, you just need to have the correct copper or fiber module installed in the Versiv main unit for the type of link being tested. 

Note:  Make sure that the Versiv main and remote are the same model type.  For example, a Versiv2 in Main as Remote mode will not communicate with a Versiv main unit.  Look at the top right corner on the Versiv main unit to determine if the model is Versiv or Versiv2.

To Exit Main as Remote mode, tap STOP.

If you are testing fiber and you also have FI-1000 Fiber Inspection camera, watch the video at the link below to see how you can save End 1 and End 2 fiber endface images with your fiber test results.

Using a Versiv™ Main Unit as a Remote By Fluke Networks

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