Deleting all Autotest Results - Cable IQ

To delete all of the Autotest results stored on Cable IQ at once

  1. Turn on the tester, connect it to the PC using the USB cable provided.
  2. In Cable IQ Reporter, select Utilities > Delete all results in Cable IQ

You will be prompted with a dialog box to confirm.  

When you click Yes, the results will be deleted from the Cable IQ.


You can also delete results on the Cable IQ in the RESULTS menu on the tester, by highlighting the result, then pressing F2.   

The Cable IQ will present a choice to select "Delete Selected Test" or "Delete All Tests."  Use the arrows to make your selection, then press F2 again and the results are deleted.


Windows 10?

If you are running Cable IQ Reporter on Windows 10 and it will not connect to the tester, turn the dial on Cable IQ to DISCOVER, then to TONE for 3 seconds, then back to DISCOVER, and try the steps above again.