Auto power on/off - MultiFiber Pro

The meter and source will power off after a set time if you do not press any keys. Useful if someone puts the devices back in the case with the power still on. You can change the time from 10 minutes to 60 minutes or disable the feature.

Power on the meter or source. Then hold down the F1 and F3 keys for approx. 3 seconds to enter the User Preferences Menu where you will see either "on" or "off". Press the MENU/SELECT key once to see one of the following screens:  
            MultiFiber Pro Auto Power Setting

Press the F2 key to change the power off period, where two dashes indicates the unit will never power off automatically. To save your choice, press the F1 and F3 keys again for approx. 3 seconds.

(Tip: Do not disable this function. Then if it is put back in the case powered on, you will still be able to use it next time.)