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    Delivering next-gen solutions. New technologies bring greater challenges and higher customer expectations. Fluke Networks delivers solutions that addresses these challenges and helps you meet your business goals.
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    Fluke Networks provides solutions to meet today's customer expectations and maximize profitability in today's highly competitive residential broadband network.
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    With more than 3 million test sets and more than 50 million tools sold, Fluke Networks helps you get the job done right the first time – don’t accept imitations.
  • Introducing TS® Professional Series
    Telecom Test Sets just got an extreme makeover. Fluke Networks introduced three new models, TS 54 TDR, TS 53 Pro and the TS 23 Pro—all desgined to lighten up your tool belt.


LTE Solutions

Stream to disk packet analysis and LTE RF surveying solutions for expediting mobile network deployment and service assurance in the core and around the cell site.

Our solutions give you the visibility needed to get to the root cause of the toughest network and application problems as they occur. This speeds deployment, reduces downtime, improves user productivity and customer satisfaction, and affords engineers the opportunity to work on value-added tasks.


Field Technician Tools and Test Sets

Tools and test sets for installing, verifying and maintaining voice, video and data services.

Voice, video and data installation starts with having the right tool. Fluke Networks offers the most reliable network installation tools on the market—each one designed to streamline the job and make you more productive. Our complete line of testers and butt-in test sets meet the demands of telecommunications technicians by providing reliability, maximum ruggedness, data protection and flexible options for every budget.


Network & Service Analysis

Stream to disk packet analysis solutions for expediting network and service assurance troubleshooting in data center or in the field.

By taking you back in time from the broad application level to the packet level, our solutions help you get to the root cause of the toughest application problems the first time they occur. This saves downtime, helps improve user productivity and customer satisfaction, enhances service-level agreement performance, and frees IT staff to work on more value-added tasks.
New! TS Pro Series

New test sets designed to lighten your toolbelt and keep money in your wallet. Three styles to fit the job you do.

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Pocket Toner

Connect. Detect. Protect.

Everything needed for voice, data, or video in one complete kit.

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Copper Testing

TELCO Tools Selection Guide

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Case Studies

LAN NET Solutions LLC Wins OptiFiber Pro In LinkWare Live Rewards Program

Texas-based LAN NET Solutions is the winner of the Fluke Networks LinkWare Live Rewards Program. As the saying goes, everything’s big in Texas, and the OptiFiber Pro prize that big winner LAN NET Solutions won is One Big Prize.


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LTE Solutions

Network Time Machine™ for Service Providers

Ultimate Troubleshooting Machine for LTE Networks


Field Technician Tools and Test Sets

Pocket Toner®
Connect. Detect. Protect.
TS® 100 PRO Cable Fault Finder with PowerBT™ Bridge Tap
Bridge tap detection at the touch of a button.
Fiber OneShot™ PRO
Single Mode Fiber Distance and Fault Locator
TS® 100 Cable Fault Finder
An easy-to-use cable fault locator, cable and wire manager and tone generator.
TS® 90 Cable Fault Finder
An easy-to-use fault locator, cable and wire manager and tone generator.
TS® 54 TDR Test Set
A three-in-one—TDR, toner and pair identifier—premium, VDV test set
TS® 53 PRO Test Sets
A professional network test set that delivers high-quality VDV functionality for technicians.
TS® 52 PRO Test Sets
The TS52 PRO Test Set features backlit LCD and glow-in-the-dark keypad.
TS® 40 Series Test Sets
The TS40 Series has the features you need to be more productive.
TS® 30 Series Test Sets
The TS30 features the latest in test set case design, at an affordable price.
TS® 25D Test Sets
The TS25D features data lockout and lockout override, and a large LCD.
TS® 23 PRO Test Sets
A standard voice, data and video telephone test set
TS® 22 Series Test Sets
The TS22 Series offers a combination of reliability, durability and expanded utility.
TS® 19 Test Sets
TS19 features DataSafe™, Tone or Pulse operation, Talk/Monitor capabilities and last number redial.
Pro3000™ Analog Tone and Probe
Pro3000 Analog Tone & Probe Kit tones and traces wire.
Pro-Tool™ Kits
All the tools you need (in one pouch) to cut, strip, clean and make connections.
Electrical Contractor Telecom Kits
These kits contain essential industry standard telecommunications tools and test equipment.
Voltage Detector
Easy-to-use handheld probe. Provides protection against hazardous voltages.
D914™ Series Impact Tools
The versatile D914™ series impact tools include built-in probe pic/spudger and torque capability.
D814™ Series Impact Tools
The D814™ industry standard punchdown tools make for solid terminations.
Punchdown Tool Blades
Fluke Networks offers a variety of blades so you can get the job done.
JackRapid™ Punchdown Tool
Patented jack termination tool allows you to terminate jacks 8 times faster.
Modular Adapters
We offer a variety of standard and inline modular adapters.
Electrician's Snips
Our Electrician’s Snips are made from high-quality forged steel for strength and durability.
Can Wrenches
Our can wrenches allow universal access to telephone boxes and pedestals.
Cut and strip wires and cables cleaner and faster with Fluke Networks' D-SnipsTM
Cable Splicing Knife
Quickly and easily split cable sheaths.
Cable Strippers
Cable strippers include double slotted, plenum, round, coax and combo.
Probe Pic
Use our Probe Pic to check for loose or damaged connections.

Network & Service Analysis

Network Time Machine™
All-in-one network packet capture appliance for network and application analysis
ClearSight™ Analyzer

Application-centric protocol analysis software that gives quick answers to application performance problems