Introducing TS® Professional Series
Telecom Test Sets just got an extreme makeover. Fluke Networks introduced three new models, TS 54 TDR, TS 53 Pro and the TS 23 Pro—all desgined to lighten up your tool belt.

LTE Solutions

Stream to disk packet analysis and LTE RF surveying solutions for expediting mobile network deployment and service assurance in the core and around the cell site.

Our solutions give you the visibility needed to get to the root cause of the toughest network and application problems as they occur. This speeds deployment, reduces downtime, improves user productivity and customer satisfaction, and affords engineers the opportunity to work on value-added tasks.


Access Network Conditioning

Solutions for troubleshooting, maintenance, network qualification, service assurance and customer care.

Fluke Networks offers test and troubleshooting solutions that address a wide range of technologies and applications form POTS to Carrier Ethernet, xDSL to IP and more. Whether it’s validating service level agreements (SLAs) for carrier-class Ethernet services, qualifying and deploying ADSL2/2+ or VDSL services, isolating cable faults, eliminating noise problems, or stress testing circuits prior to service installation, Fluke Networks’ powerful tools help technicians get to the solution fast.


Broadband Service Assurance & OSS

Solutions for building, mandating and maintaining broadband triple play, xDSL and IPTV.

In today's market, broadband communications are essential. Subscribers want triple-play services—high-speed Internet, VoIP and IPTV. But until your facilities are tested and conditioned, you are not ready to compete for broadband customers. Our solutions will automatically test and qualify your facilities quickly and cost effectively.


Field Technician Tools and Test Sets

Tools and test sets for installing, verifying and maintaining voice, video and data services.

Voice, video and data installation starts with having the right tool. Fluke Networks offers the most reliable network installation tools on the market—each one designed to streamline the job and make you more productive. Our complete line of testers and butt-in test sets meet the demands of telecommunications technicians by providing reliability, maximum ruggedness, data protection and flexible options for every budget.


Network & Service Analysis

Stream to disk packet analysis solutions for expediting network and service assurance troubleshooting in data center or in the field.

By taking you back in time from the broad application level to the packet level, our solutions help you get to the root cause of the toughest application problems the first time they occur. This saves downtime, helps improve user productivity and customer satisfaction, enhances service-level agreement performance, and frees IT staff to work on more value-added tasks.

New! TS Pro Series
New test sets designed to lighten your toolbelt and keep money in your wallet. Three styles to fit the job you do.
Pocket Toner

Connect. Detect. Protect.

Everything needed for voice, data, or video in one complete kit.

TS 100 Pro

New triple-play tester with bridge tap detection, opens/shorts, voltage and more.