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Improving Site Surveys

Christopher Hinsz

Two people head out to the same site to perform a site survey, they’re both using the same software, and yet they get significantly different results. We’d all like to think that data from a site survey is by definition reliable, but it’s not. So what happened? Choice of adapter, choice of survey (active vs. passive), even the paths the individuals walked can have large impact on the results. If you’re not following accepted best practices and collecting the right information during a survey, your results will be unreliable.

The Wi-Fi (R)evolution continues with Wi-Fi Direct

Lisa Phifer

Roughly fifteen years ago, the wireless LAN industry was focused on delivering basic interoperable wireless connectivity at just 11 Mbps. Today, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED unit sales are set to pass the ten billion unit mark, composed of products that deliver gigabit data rates along with a slew of advanced certifications that make wireless more secure, usable, and accessible.

Do you treat your network like your car?

Gloria Worland

What two machines do you depend on every day to get you where you're going? Most of us would answer: My car and my network. The two share more similarities than you would think.

I remember when a good socket set and a hammer could fix most of my car's troubles. Those days are long gone. Cars are less likely to break down now, due to all the safety and redundancy features, but they also require more reliable maintenance, like getting oil changes and brake pads replaced.