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“Good Enough” Isn’t Good Enough Anymore: AirMagnet Enterprise v10.9 and the Need for Comprehensive Wireless Security Solutions

Robin Rees

2014 was a busy year for wireless security, and not in a good way. The total number of cyber security incidents increased by 48% between 2013 and 2014 for a total of 42.8 million, according to PwC’s Global State of Security Survey. Back in 2010, the number was only 9.4 million. These attacks cost the global economy up to $575 billion annually as estimated by the Center for Strategic and International Studies research.

WLPC Attendees: AirMagnet Trials are Being Extended!

Dilip Advani

Those of you who recently attended the wirelessLAN Professionals conference know you received a free trial of AirMagnet Survey Pro and AirMagent WiFi Analyzer Pro included in your attendee bags. We usually keep our trials to a 30 days or less, but what we heard from you is that simply wasn’t enough time for you to really dive into the software. That matters to us. And we listened.


Christopher Hinsz

When you read the words ‘heat map’ what is immediately conjured to mind? For most people it’s a colorful map showing AP signal strengths throughout a deployment. There is no doubt signal strength is a valuable tool for validating a network will function as intended. However there is another very important metric that is often ignored when performing a site survey: Interference.