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Don’t fall into the “No iOS Zone”

Lisa Phifer

In this week’s RSA 2015 session entitled “Mobile Vulnerabilities: From Data Breach to Complete Shutdown,” the co-founders of Skycure took aim at iOS and its increasing number of network security vulnerabilities – notably, an iOS SSL certificate parsing bug capable of crashing almost any app, demonstrated here:


The Changing Role of Network Management

Jim Metzler

It’s impossible to read the trade press or attend a webinar these days and not be confronted with the fact that IT organizations are undergoing fundamental change. However, there is far less discussion about what those changes mean to network management.

Are you vulnerable to the FREAK attack?

Lisa Phifer

Last month, researchers in France discovered yet another gaping hole in SSL, dubbed the FREAK attack. FREAK is a downgrade vulnerability that can be exploited by a man-in-the-middle attacker to neutralize the security otherwise afforded by SSL and its younger better-looking sibling TLS.