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1) LinkWare PC Software 9.4

Now includes a full version of LinkWare Stats. (Please note that files saved in this version are not compatible with Version 6.2).
(1.9 MB)

2) LinkWare PC Software 9.4 (Standalone Install Version)

Includes Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and Visual C 2010, which are required for LinkWare 9.4. Use this if installing on a PC that does not have internet access.
(76.11 MB)

3) DTX CableAnalyzer Software Version 2.77

Please install LinkWare 9.2 first. Attention DTX Compact OTDR users. Please ensure the OTDR Module is inserted into the DTX CableAnalyzer when you are doing the update.
(5.99 MB)

4) DTX Version 2.77 Release Notes

Adobe PDF reader required.
(325.36 KB)

5) DTX CableAnalyzer Version 2.77 Limit Lines

This document contains details of the limit lines in the current release of the DTX CableAnalyzer. Adobe PDF reader required.
(372.06 KB)

7) DTX Open Source Software for Version 2.77

This zip file contains the open source software used for Version 2.77 of the DTX CableAnalyzer.

6) AxTalk Analyzer Version 6.2

Please install LinkWare 9.4 first.
(18.05 MB)