How to find the Serial Number
Where to find the location of your Fluke Networks Serial Number
The Serial Number is printed on the product and can be found through the product’s user interface. To find your product’s Serial Number, please refer to corresponding instructions below.

Network Time Machine
Fluke Serial Number :  The Serial Number is usually found on a white bar code sticker near the back of the chassis or on a pull-out tab on the front of the chassis. Refer here

OptiViewXG Network Analysis Tablet
Product: Back of unit above the pull-out bail. User Interface: Select the OptiView button at the top left of the interface then About OptiView

OneTouch AT Network Assistant
Product: Remove the module from the TFS chassis and find the label on the front of the module.  User Interface: Tap the “Tools” icon, scroll down to “Version Information,” and look immediately below “Module.”

EtherScope Network Assistant
Product: Back cover of the EtherScope. User interface: Select the EtherScope icon / Instrument Settings / Version.

The serial number sticker is on the back of the LinkSprinter. Please visit to claim your LinkSprinter to the Link-Live Cloud Service. Have the last six digits of your serial number ready.

LinkRunner AT
User interface: Select Tools, scroll down to LinkRunner Information. Please visit to claim your LinkRunner AT to the Link-Live Cloud Service. Have your serial number ready.

LinkWare Stats option


NetTool Inline Network Tester
Product: Inside battery compartment. User interface: Select the NetTool icon.

OptiView Integrated Network Analyzer / Workgroup Analyzer
Product: Under the external battery. User interface: Select “Setup.”

990 CopperPro Test Set
Product: Back of unit under the fold-out bail stand. User interface: Power on the unit, press yellow shift key, press user option ( i ) key, press system version.

Visual Performance Manager
The serial number is the Server Tag number. (FNET Serial Number)

Application Performance Appliance
The serial number is on the appliance itself.

NetFlow Tracker Appliance
The serial number of the Tracker collector is on the appliance itself.

Analysis Service Elements (ASEs)
The serial number can be found in a number of locations
  1. On the hardware itself labeled, “Serial Number” on the bottom of the device.
  2. Via Telnet (or HyperTerminal), login to the hardware and type, “ID.”
  3. From the web interface “ASE inventory” under the ADMIN settings (formally TOOLS).
  4. From the Web Troubleshooting view EXPAND the Domain->Network->Site->Access Line and CLICK on Troubleshooting->Physical->Status & Information.
  5. From the Platform Applicable Client (PAC) under Network Configuration->Network->Site->Access Line->Edit->ASE Setup