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25 Year Anniversary

25 Year Anniversary

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25 Years of Trust and Partnership 1992-2017

For twenty-five years, Fluke Networks has been the trusted worldwide leader in equipping network experts with ideal performance & unsurpassed reliability.
We continue to provide the industry’s best Certification, Troubleshooting and Installation tools for professionals who install and maintain critical network cabling infrastructure for our connected world. 

We want to thank you for your business and share some accomplishments with you as a member of Fluke Networks Family. 

Your successes improve the network every day.  Tell us, in 25 words or more, how Fluke Networks has helped you do it.
"I had about 500 feet of buried coaxial cable that was giving me problems, and I couldn't find where the problem was. The Fluke TS90 gave me about a ten foot range of where the problem might be, which was much more reasonable to deal with. I dug up the cable at the spot and respliced it. The problem was fixed and my coaxial cable stopped giving me trouble!"
- Kyle Evans Evans Co.

elescopic flashlight with magnet We'll reward the best stories with our anniversary gadget - a telescopic flashlight with magnet.

Offer good in United States, Canada, Puerto Rico only.


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