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Fluke Networks MultiFiber Pro  Testimonials
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MultiFiber Pro is the perfect complement to the Belden family
of Pre-Terminated Fiber products. The first of it's kind, direct MPO test capability will save installers significant time and money in verifying high-performance installations. These savings will dramatically increase the competitiveness of installers using Belden FiberExpress solutions.

– Belden Inc.


Fluke’s MultiFiber Pro is intuitive, portable, easy to use, and reduces the time necessary to test and certify the MPO links used in today’s high-speed networks.

quoteMultiFiber Pro from Fluke Networks will make installation of MPO fiber easier and faster while assuring the quality of the infrastructure. This is a time and money-saver for data center owners and cable installers.
– CommScope, Inc.
  quoteThe MultiFiber Pro improves quality of MPO/MTP installations through greater accuracy in test results, measurement technique and verifying channel polarity.  The capability of the tester saves considerable time in the field.
Leviton Corp.

Request a demo at your facility to see how much MultiFiber Pro can save you.

quoteFluke Networks' MultiFiber Pro is an extremely quick and easy to use end–to–end MPO testing tool that will allow installers to accurately certify MPO links in the data center and enterprise, ensuring the infrastructure is capable of carrying 40/100G transmission.
– Panduit Corp.