Industrial Ethernet - Resources

Industrial Ethernet networks are the backbone of many of today’s connected factories and Industrial Automation systems. Cabling, copper or fiber optic, is a major cause of downtime in these time-sensitive industrial control networks.

We understand that as plant electricians, instrument technicians, and control engineers one of your top priorities has to be avoiding downtime. When something goes wrong in a process, it’s not always easy to determine if the problem is related to control logic, devices, or the Industrial Ethernet cable between devices. Here we have put together a range of resources that will help you better understand how to validate, troubleshoot, and maintain your cabling to quickly determine if problems are in the network cable, the connectors, or the devices. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to prevent line downtime and to get back up and running quickly if problems do arise.




Are you interested in learning more about Industrial Ethernet Cable validation, troubleshooting or maintenance? These resources will help you get started with the quick tips and standards you should know.


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