The New Normal: Multi-Everything The State of the Cabling Certification Industry Whitepaper

Today’s IT discussions are filled with terms like Cloud, Virtualization, SANs, BYOD, SaaS, and SLAs. Rarely is the physical layer – Layer 1 of the 7-Layer OSI Model – part of the buzz. But at the end of the day, all network technologies lead back to that critical, foundational layer and the cabling infrastructure that supports it. If it doesn’t work, nothing works. And like the technologies around it, it is changing. Consultants and network owners that do not embrace this change, and address the mounting complexities of installation and certification, will struggle for profitability and the very survival as a business.

This white paper explores the state of the cabling industry – where it has been and where it is going. It evaluates what it takes to succeed in the face of an exponentially greater need for cabling contractors to manage multiple environments, media, standards, and technologies.

In this new multi, multi, multi world – the new normal – what do cabling professionals need to do differently to ensure success and profitability?

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