Get Your Copy of the 2020 Salary Survey

We conducted the survey in late 2019, before any awareness of a looming pandemic.  By the time we had analyzed the data and produced the survey, governments were enacting stay-home orders, and unemployment was spiking.  We worried that releasing the survey in such an environment would be out-of-touch with the new reality.  However, others told us that the information still had relevance and may be much more valuable once business returns to some sort of normal. We hope that you find this useful as we all get back to a new normal.   

In partnership with Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine we launched this survey to US professionals to address the lack of pay data in the structured cabling industry. This survey not only answers the “how much should I pay/make” question, but also helps firms and individuals understand which segments, skills and certifications can lead to bigger profits and higher pay.

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Salary Survey Results