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Fluke Networks Announces First Agreement to Extend Industry-leading LinkWare Live Cable Testing Platform

June 20, 2016

Agreement with Brother Mobile Solutions Demonstrates Broad Benefits of the Fluke Networks Cloud Infrastructure for Efficient Cable Installation and Management

Everett, Wash. – June 21, 2016 – The recently announced agreement between Fluke Networks and Brother Mobile Solutions (BMS) highlights extended benefits of the LinkWare Live platform for cable installers.

The agreement between Fluke Networks and BMS makes the network and cable labeling process more efficient by allowing technicians to print cable and ID labels on the jobsite using data generated during the design and installation stages. Brother LabelLink enables cable installers to achieve greater efficiencies, improved accuracy and profitability by entering data a single time for re-use in the labeling phase of the cable installation process.

“Keeping track of cable identifiers across multiple databases for testers and printers wastes time and cuts into our profitability,” said CJ Santeford, operations manager of PowerCom, a Bothell, Washington, based installer of communications infrastructure. “Brother’s LabelLink app combined with LinkWare Live gives us the ability to use a single database for managing this important task.”

“The relationship with Brother is a model for the type of technology integration partners Fluke Networks is working to identify,” said Eric Conley, Vice President and General Manager of Fluke Networks. “There are other companies who have applications and services that make sense to integrate with Fluke Networks’ technology that will ultimately benefit our customers’ businesses and the jobs they do.”

Fluke Networks is the world’s leading provider of tools that certify and troubleshoot network cabling installations. The company introduced the innovative LinkWare Live infrastructure -- the world’s first cloud-connected cable certification capability -- in late 2014. Fluke Networks has steadily added new capabilities to the service since that time. The recent BMS agreement highlights the services potential as an ecosystem for the cable installation industry and the opportunity for other industry vendors to access and leverage data contained in the powerful platform.

“Today’s cable installation projects are larger and more complex, and demands facing network designers and installers are more rigorous than they were only a few years ago,” said Conley. “When we initially conceived of LinkWare Live in 2014, we realized that it would establish a powerful and flexible infrastructure for our customers and provide Fluke Networks a way to efficiently update our tools and capabilities. Now we have a greater understanding about how other vendors can leverage the platform to improve the capabilities of their tools as well.”

LinkWare Live allows users to upload, manage and analyze complex cable installation data from anywhere. LinkWare Live operates in the cloud and bridges the gap between the project manager’s office where much of the data for cable installations originates, and the jobsite. The ability for onsite workers and project managers to access the same data, regardless of their location, creates considerable efficiencies. LinkWare Live works with Fluke Networks Versiv testers, including DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer™, OptiFiber™ Pro and CertiFiber™ Pro certification testers. To date, more than one million test results have been uploaded to the LinkWare Live platform by Fluke Networks.

For more information about LabelLink, visit www.flukenetworks.com/labellink.  Companies interested in working with Fluke Networks to develop solutions based on LinkWare Live should contact info@flukenetworks.com.

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