Success of Fluke Networks Versiv Platform Accelerates End of Production of DTX CableAnalyzer, the World’s Most Widely Used Copper and Fiber Certification Tool | Fluke Networks

Success of Fluke Networks Versiv Platform Accelerates End of Production of DTX CableAnalyzer, the World’s Most Widely Used Copper and Fiber Certification Tool

June 24, 2015

DTX sales decline as customers migrating to the more powerful Versiv DSX-5000 report significant cost savings, ease of use and productivity improvements over other tools

Everett, Wash. – June 24, 2015 – After 11 years of service and more than a billion links certified in 92 countries, Fluke Networks is ending production of the DTX-1800 CableAnalyzer™, the world’s most widely used copper and fiber cabling certification tool. Following the successful introduction of the Versiv™ Cabling Certification System and the DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer™ in 2013, most of the company’s customers have already begun migration from the DTX to the more powerful and cost-effective DSX model, which has been outselling the DTX by seven to one. Fluke Networks will stop taking orders for the older DTX on June 30, 2015 but will continue to provide parts, service and calibration support for at least three more years.

Since its launch, the Versiv DSX has already achieved high acceptance and acclaim, with customers citing its time- and cost-savings as key reasons for making the switch. “With Versiv, we spend more time getting the project done and less time setting up and troubleshooting,” said Dave Lawes, RCDD, Regional Sales Manager, System Tech, Inc. “We’ve seen a significant decrease in missing and incorrect test reports by loading the tester with the settings and cable IDs for multiple projects before heading to the jobsite. This all translates into faster job completion, higher profits, and happier customers.”

During its lifecycle, the DTX achieved many industry firsts such as: first field tester to offer Alien Crosstalk testing, the first laboratory-qualified test plug for Cat 6A permanent link testing, and the first fiber tester to be fully Encircled Flux compliant. The DSX builds on these strengths to offer even great value:

Customers who upgrade to the DSX gain access to LinkWare™ Live, a cloud-based cable certification project management service. LinkWare Live streamlines workflow and provides cabling certification project status on any smart mobile device. With LinkWare Live, project managers gain more visibility and control on the job site, ensuring their cabling installation projects will be finished on time, leading to more satisfied and faster-paying customers.

“Our previous method of cable certification was slow and required a lot of manual coordination with jobsites and customers,” said Dustan Buckley, vice president at Extreme Packets, Inc. “LinkWare Live allows us to bypass many of these steps.”

The DSX offers multiple benefits to organizations, including:

  1. Faster Set Up – the DSX uses Versiv’s ProjX™ management system to make set up easy. It includes the ability to set up testers remotely and manage test results via the LinkWare™ Live cloud service.
  2. Faster Testing – while the DTX set records with its testing speed, the DSX is twice as fast for Cat 6A and four times as fast for fiber loss testing.
  3. Fewer Callbacks – A profitable job depends on doing it right the first time. The DSX eliminates mistakes with simple set up, monitoring, tracking, and a system that helps techs through the testing process.
  4. Faster Reporting – the DSX uses the same LinkWare software as the DTX, eliminating a learning curve. Using it with the LinkWare Live cloud service means instant results, real-time reporting and unlimited storage.
  5. Future Ready – as a member of the Versiv Cabling Certification System, the DSX already supports future measurements such as TCL and resistance unbalance, and can certify coax, standard or industrial Ethernet patch cords in both directions. The DSX’s modular design means customers can add new capabilities without buying a new tester.

For customers still using the DTX, Fluke Networks is running trade-in promotions in various markets to help them make the switch to the DSX. Customers should contact their local distributor for more information.

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