Why am I missing some Switch information?

Last Updated: Apr 16, 2014 01:25PM MDT
If you're directly connected to a managed switch and some or all of your switch information is missing from the Link test, it may be that the switch needs to be enabled for "Automatic" mode to enable LLDP/CDP protocol as well as having the TLV optional fields populated that are needed to discover the switch name,  port number, etc.

Another reason you may miss periodically some uplink switch port information is if you are locally connected to a unmanaged switch. Upon linking, the LinkSprinter will only report LLDP/CDP information if the unmanaged switch sees these packets from the uplink switch, which is broadcast on a regular interval.

For the Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch model 6400 switch, 802.1AB LLDP can be enabled either per-port or chassis-wide. There are separate settings for LLDP transmit interval and delay (after link-up ). We recommend the following CLI commands:
→ lldp chassis lldpdu tx-and-rx
→ lldp transmit interval 5 (the default is 30 seconds)
→ lldp transmit delay 1 (the default is 2 seconds)
you should also enable the port description field
→ lldp 2/47 tlv management port-description enable
You can use this this command to verify the flow of LLDP:
→ show lldp statistics
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