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We’ve seen about a 10 percent boost in productivity since we started using LinkWare Live. Since we get all the data remotely, it shortens turnaround time, and since I see the results instantly, it makes it easier to collaborate with my technicians on any issues that come up. Plus, it’s like a backup for the data on a device. When you have a 100 hours in on a project you don’t want to lose it and have to start over again. LinkWare Live allows us to make sure and confirm we are always giving 100 percent on projects.

– Whit Ehrich , CEO of Hill Country

Hill Country


We are 20 percent more productive since we started using LinkWare Live. For instance, we are working on a nine store expansion installing 100-plus cables in each store. Before it could have taken us days to get testers and SD cards back to the office to upload test results. With LinkWare Live we can upload test results instantly and provide test results to the customer in a faster time. With the time and money we saved I am looking to buy another DSX.

– Joe T. Blanco Jr. , Owner of VI Comm


The LinkWare Live product has saved our technicians and management time and troubles of getting the test results back from the field. Being able to upload and download the test results to/from the cloud is an awesome tool.

– Sam Robinson, RCDD , General Manager of RC Datacomm


We have found LinkWare Live to be a very valuable tool for small to large projects. The ability to create a project with all the required testing parameters from our desktop for our technicians to download virtually eliminates any parameters that may have been overlooked in the field. Uploading test reports from that day’s work allows us to track progress, diagnose possible issues and submit for payment much more efficiently. The option to upload and store projects that can be viewed by anyone in my office is very convenient and it also saves cost by not having to drive out to the jobsite just to get a tester to download.

– Derek Horstmeyer , Branch Manager of NCS Cabling


Using the DSX-5000 with the LinkWare Live cloud service has paid for itself three times over since we bought it in 2013. On a jobsite, the most valuable thing is saving time and manpower. With the Versiv solution, we have the confidence to schedule and finish jobs more efficiently.

– Dustan Buckley , Co-Owner of Extreme Packets

Extreme Packets

The biggest value of LinkWare Live is that test parameters can be set up in one central point and transmitted via the cloud by both technicians and administrative staff. We’ve eliminated the drives to and from the office specific to test reporting which has resulted in more accurate reporting and faster project close-out.

– CJ Santeford , Operations Manager of PowerCom

PowerCom Empowers Technicians

LinkWare Live helps us with instantaneous report generation. Before, we would wait hours and in some cases days to generate a report and invoice our customer.
Due to our internal procedures, it is very important for us to have a backup of all the measurements and results. This eliminates the risk of losing them and having to re-certify links.

– Francisco Javier García-Zarco Maeso , Project Champion of Unitel


Our business is mainly focused on patch cord assembly using Belden’s network cabling components. We sell to professional experts in the field of broadcast and entertainment. Before implementing LinkWare Live, we needed to use a USB drive or email to share test results between engineers and customer support for troubleshooting. Since adopting LinkWare Live in May 2016, we have been able to streamline our communication by removing time, place and environment constraints. As a result, we now have the ability to support customers by sharing test results quicker than ever before and believe its use has contributed to a 20% increase in our productivity.

– Kimi Nakamura , Manager, Marketing of TOMOCA Electronics Company Limited


One of our biggest concerns in the past was having to travel to site with a laptop and download the test results to the computer on a regular basis, in case the SD Card was corrupt or was accidently misplaced. To lose the results and have to re-test is very costly and with tight timeframes it becomes a major issue. With the implementation of LinkWare Live, we now have the ability to connect to our account whilst on site and upload results immediately - this is a big advantage in terms of time and cost savings. Another great benefit we have found with using LinkWare Live is the capacity to remotely configure the tester when it goes to a new project. Fault finding also does not need to be done on site and can be done at the office by logging on and diagnosing with the technician who is on site, again saving us vast amounts of time

– Ian Russell , Manager Data Communications Services, Datalec


We test a lot of datacom links, sometimes up to 4,000 links per project. So quickly completing certification process from testing to submitting test reports to our customers is a critical business need. LinkWare Live with ProjeX has shortened the overall testing time and has brought in significant efficiency gains. Furthermore, LinkWare Live cloud service has also minimized Project Manager’s workload from revising test reports due to erroneous overwriting of cable IDs and moving testers from one site to another. This saves time and money as we can upload test data immediately from the job site to the cloud. In Datacenters where mobile phones or SD cards are prohibited, we can now easily bring DSX-8000 without worrying about security - and just upload test data to LinkWare Live. This also saves time and money from not having to drive the tester back to the office. This has increased of operations productivity by more than 30 percent in terms of time and cost. We are also using asset management function of LinkWare Live to track of our testers serial numbers, calibration dates and firmware versions at all the work sites. We are really happy with the features being provided by DSX-8000 and LinkWare Live.

– Mr. Norio Tateno - The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Kenji Etoh - The Network Engineering Dept.

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