Exporting to CSV from Scanlink

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Scanlink allows data to be exported to a CSV (Comma Separated Variable) format that can then be opened in Microsoft Excel or Access.
The CSV can be customized so that only the information needed is exported to the file. Excel and Access support up to 256 columns of data. The OMNIScanner has 419 fields available so a custom template for the CSV export would be needed. 
To create a custom CSV template
  • Open Scanlink. For the CSV setup, you do not need to have a data file open.
  • Click on File > Export > Export CSV Setup to begin.

  • The type of scanner will need to be selected (in this case OMNIScanner). Now click on the Create button .

  • Scanlink will ask if you want to Use the template All Fields. Click on the No button .

  • The Edit CSV Template screen will be displayed. Give the CSV Template a name. Highlight the item you want as part of the CSV Template. Using the Add Item button move the item from the Available to Selected Fields.

  • Continue this until all the items needed are in the Selected Fields window.
  • The number of fields selected will be displayed above the Selected Fields Window. To arrange the items, you can move them up or down on the list by using the Move Up  or Move Down  buttons. Once all items are in the Selected Fields, press the OK button .

  • Scanlink will prompt the user to save the template. Press the Save button to save the custom template.


To export to CSV file

  • Once the Template is saved, Scanlink is ready to Export the data to a CSV file.
    Open Scanlink and then open a data file that is to be exported. Once the file is open, select File and then Export and then Export CSV.

  • Scanlink will open the Export CSV window. Select the type of scanner that the data is from. Select if you want to export Selected or All Autotest results. Select the CSV Template to use for the Export.

  • Once all items are set properly, press the Export button .

  • Scanlink will now prompt the user to give the CSV file a name and select a destination for the file.

  • Name the file and then press the Save button .
  • The file will be saved in the specified location. Open Excel and view the file. The file can also be imported into an Access Database.