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Create an Autotest for Coaxial Cable (PentaScanner)

The last PentaScanner left the factory back on March 31, 2004. We regret to say support ended March 31, 2008. It's replaced by the Versiv familly of testers
NOTE: You cannot run an AUTOTEST or SAVE the test results. 
At the Ready! Screen, press the Extended Functions button.

Select 2. Setup Autotest.

Highlight the CAT5 Channel Autotest.

Press F2 (Edit). Select 3. Tests To Run; unselect NEXT and select Impedance, Loop Resistance and Capacitance.

Press F1 (Save)
Select 2. Pairs.

Using the arrow keys and the F2 (Unsel/Select) key, place an x in the boxes so that the 3-6 boxes are the only ones with an x in both boxes.
Press F1 (Save)
Select 4. Limits

Select 6. Impedance

Change 80 to 135
Down arrow to the Maximum field
Change 125 to 165
Press F1 (Save)
Press Escape
Press Escape
Press F1 (default). You will be defaulting to the *CAT5 Channel Autotest for the PentaScanner. The asterisk indicates this is a user-defined Autotest.

If the cable you are testing is near 328 feet, you may need to change the maximum Length limit from 328 to 361 feet. Other limits such as Loop Resistance and Capacitance may need to be changed in proportion to the increase in Length limit if these tests are failing marginally.
You are now ready to press MEASURE CABLE PERFORMANCE. You cannot run an AUTOTEST or SAVE the test result. 

Author: Fluke Networks

Creation Date: 2014-02-26

Last Modified: 2014-02-26