New features of the MicroScanner2

The MicroScanner2 Verification Tester is a hand-held instrument that lets you verify and troubleshoot the wiring of twisted pair and coaxial cables and detect network services.

The tester does the following:

  • Measures length up to 1500 ft (457 m) and detects opens and shorts on twisted pair and coaxial cabling.
  • Detects split pairs on twisted pair cabling.
  • Displays wiremap, cable length, proportional distance to opens, and the remote ID number all on one screen.
  • Detects Ethernet ports on twisted pair cabling and reports the port speed.
  • Detects PoE (Power over Ethernet) and telephone voltages on twisted pair cabling.
  • IntelliTone™ function works with an optional Fluke Networks IntelliTone probe to help you locate and isolate cables behind walls, at patch panels, or in bundles. The analog toner works with standard analog probes and includes the SmartTone™ function for positive identification of cables in bundles.