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Some of my test results seem to be missing - LinkWare Stats

Worst Case and Worst Case Margin
PentaScanner reports individual tests with the worst values. These are not comparable to worst margin test results from other testers, so they are not included in Stats calculations.
OMNIScanners can be set to operate in either worst value or worst margin mode. If results were taken in worst value mode, overall margin values are recorded, but not for main and remote individually, nor for worst pair or frequency. So these results would not be included in LinkWare Stats calculations. 
3 dB and 4 dB Rules
Cat 5 and higher, and Class D and higher test standards say that when the attenuation is below 3 dB, the Return Loss is not evaluated against a limit. Also, when the attenuation is below 4 dB, NEXT is not evaluated. In either case, if the attenuation never goes above the amount described, no individual test result is calculated. With OMNIScanner, a margin is still calculated. On DSPs, no valid margin is calculated. In either case, these results do not figure into LinkWare Stats calculations for Return Loss or NEXT. 
Fiber Results Without Limits
Some cable testers do not calculate a margin against a test limit when testing fiber. These results would not be figured into margin calculations in Stats. 

Author: Fluke Networks

Creation Date: 2014-02-25

Last Modified: 2014-02-25