Release notes for LinkWare Version 6.2 - LinkWare PC


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LinkWare allows the downloading of results from these devices:

  • DTX CableAnalyzers including DTX-CLT CertiFiber
  • DSP-4x00 CableAnalyzers*
  • DSP-100 and DSP-2000 CableAnalyzers*
  • OMNIScanner*
  • PentaScanner*
  • OptiFiber
  • CertiFiber (Microtest version)
  • SimpliFiber and SimpliFiber Pro

* No service or repair available for these testers due to components being obsolete.

LinkWare Version 6.2 (December 2010)

  • Support Televes (DTX V2.4)
  • Removed "Fair" from OTDR Port quality 
  • Changed OptiFiber loss "Method B" to "1 Jumper" to match DTX
  • Bug Fix: Correction to Japanese for "1 Jumper" in reports
  • Bug Fix: show the ISO Class D PL compliant list

Previous Version 6.1 (April 2010)

  • Windows 7 support, 32 bit and 64 bit versions.
  • Removed draft numbers for the ISO Class Ea recertification limits.
  • Support for low resolution Netbooks. 
  • LinkWare will now open .flw files in the Windows temp folder.
  • Reassigned fiber test methods as follows: (Does not affect outcome of result)
                              Method A is now 2 Jumper
                              Method B is now 1 Jumper
                              Method C is now 3 Jumper
    This is done to align with both North American and International Standards. In the next DTX CableAnalyzer code release, due May/June, this change will also be implemented in the SETUP menu of the DTX CableAnalyzer.

Bug Fixes

  • Show PASS* option not working when exporting summary reports to a file – fixed.
  • Dragging a record from the list view to the file icon in the tree view causes record to disappear - fixed.
  • Horizontal link report fails to show patch panel device type - fixed.
  • Print Previewing Database Notes report causes LinkWare to lock up when there is no text - fixed.
  • Length of DSP-4100 records is incorrectly displayed in import select dialog - fixed.
  • Insertion Loss not being displayed in expanded summary report for DTX coax records - fixed.
  • The default selected pair is sometimes incorrect for length on the pair data detail tab - fixed.
  • USB drivers need to be resigned - fixed.


Previous Version 6.0 (April 2009)
New product support
  • DTX-CLT (Chinese DTX CableAnalyzer)
  • DTX CableAnalyzer Software Version 2.22

Other Improvements

  • ISO Class Ea recertification limits updated to Draft 25N1599.
  • ISO15018 BCT recertification limits added.
  • Added 1/4 and 1/10 scaling on plot viewer for HDTDR and HDTDX.

Bug Fixes

  • Show PASS* option not working when exporting summary reports to a file – fixed.
  • Grid lines option not working on TDR and TDX plots – fixed.
  • Can not clear custom report header text on text reports – fixed.
  • Index of Refraction not showing for DTX results with merged fiber tests – fixed.
  • Able to drag one Site inside of another on tree view pane – fixed.
  • OTDR plots not referenced to noise floor as when viewing them on OptifFiber – fixed.
  • Test summary list incorrect for Loss tests with failing length – fixed.
  • Importing a bidirectional Optifiber loss/length using a DTX-1800 for the remote results in a non-viewable record – fixed.
  • Option to hide toolbar not working – fixed.
  • Wrong USB driver installed off of LinkWare CD when LinkWare is not installed – fixed.

Previous Version 5.0  (November 2008)
New product support

  • SimpliFiber Pro

Other Improvements

  • Export results in XML format in accordance with draft EN50346 A1 spec.
  • ISO Class Ea recertification limits updated to Draft 25N1513.
  • UI updated to Windows XP look.
  • New fiber power units printing option (dBm or mW).
  • Custom logos of any aspect ratio accepted.
  • Modal Bandwidth added to fiber reports.
  • OTDR overall loss for both wavelengths printed on fiber reports. 

Bug Fixes

  • 10GBASE-T not printed as compliant application standard on Class F and Fa reports - fixed.
  • DTX loopback fiber loss results printed with incorrect direction indicators - fixed.
  • DTX Site and Operator Lists Export Duplicate Items to DTX - fixed.
  • The DTX setup asks to save when no change was made - fixed.
  • Help topic Merging Fiber Records improved.
  • The text "Feet" not translated in Spanish - fixed.
  • Wrong translation of text "Adapter" in Polish - fixed.

Previous Version 4.0  (June 2008)

DTX Support
  • DTX Version 2.12
  • DTX-ELT CableAnalyzer

  • In accordance with cabling standards worldwide
    • ELFEXT becomes ACR-F
    • PSELFEXT becomes PS ACR-F
    • ACR becomes ACR-N
    • PSACR becomes PS ACR-N
  • Added 70 dB rule for ACR-F (all standards)
  • Added 67 dB rule for PS ACR-F (all standards)
  • Reduce blue border on LinkWare Reports
  • Draft numbers removed from Category 6A recertification wizard

Bug Fixes
  • Half Duplex value not shown on text reports/detail view - fixed
  • Zoomed in traces disappear on OTDR Trace viewer @ 32 times zoom - fixed
  • DSP operator not in report after merging fiber test reports - fixed

Previous Version 3.12 (February 2008)

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to import Operator Names stored in the DTX CableAnalyzer - fixed.

Previous Version 3.11 (January 2008)

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to import OptiFiber Loss/Length results made with a DTX Remote unit - fixed.
  • On some printers, certain test results were missing from the overall summary report - fixed.
  • Overall loss for OTDR measurements in summary report show worse case margin, not worse case value. - fixed.


  • Draft 8.0 of Category 6A added to recertification wizard.

Previous Version 3.02 (September 2007)

Bug Fixes
  • The .dll file for calibrating the permanent link adapter on the OMNIScanner was installed incorrectly - fixed
  • Installation of 3.01 would prompt use for setup.ini file if they did not select REMOVE during installation- fixed

Reported issues

  • When printing Summary Autotest Reports to certain Cannon printers, some lines are missed from the output. If you have an HP Printer, please go ahead and use that until we release LinkWare 3.1 due end Jan 2008 which will resolve this issue.  

Previous Version 3.01 (June 2007)
DTX V2.04 Support


Other Improvements

  • Crash recovery
  • Add Windows Vista™ 64 bit OS support
  • Set Default Directories under Options > Directories
  • Expanded summary report under Options > Printing > Summary
  • Show PASS* on summary report Options > Printing > Summary
  • Hide launch and receive fibers on ChannelMap.
  • Show calibration date on fiber test reports under Options > Printing > fiber
  • Swedish language added

Bug Fixes
  • Unrecognized token error when using the PDF export function - fixed

Previous Version 2.71 (February 2007)
DTX V1.4 Support
  • AC Wiremap

OptiFiber Support
  • OTDR Bidirectional Trace Averaging
    A new fiber utility that will generate new records with bidirectional OTDR results added. User selects the utility. It searches through the record list for Optifiber records with OTDR results for end 1 and end 2 and reports the list of records to the user. The user then selects which records he/she wants to generate bidirectional results for. The utility will then create a new record for each one selected.
  • OptiFiber Related Improvements
     - Less pages per report in some cases.
     - Improvements to OTDR trace viewer.
     - Improvements to OTDR detail tab.
     - Added fiber image ring view option to camera images.

Other Improvements

  • Duplicate record checking on import.
  • Export test results in PDF - now with option to have one PDF file per Autotest.
  • Windows Vista™ support. 
  • Import FLW files.

Reported issues

  • Unable to re-certify records.
  • Unrecognized token error when using the PDF export function - cause has been identified and will be fixed in the next release.
  • OMNI utilities help does not work under Windows Vista. OMNI utilities help uses the deprecated .hlp file format. A user downloadable utility is available from Microsoft as a workaround.
  • OMNIScanner remote control - if a user does not save a test before clicking on test again, they will be prompted to. Once they have saved the test result, LinkWare will still think that the result has not been saved.

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