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EC7 test leads for the DTX CableAnalyzer

These can be obtained from BKS in Switzerland ( the manufacturer of the EC connector). The adapter looks like the TERA® Adapter (same high quality black cord), but has an EC7 connector on the end.

On page of their price list  you will find ....

Messkabel und Messköpfe zu Fluke DTX1800
860-8600 MMC3000 Permanent Link Adapter Set, (Paar), inkl. 2xPM-MMC für DTX-1800 netto 1'480.00
860-8601 PM-MMC Personality Module (Stück) Ersatzmodul für 860-8600 netto 140.00

(Sorry, they do not have an English version of the price list.)

Author: Fluke Networks

Creation Date: 2014-02-23

Last Modified: 2014-02-23