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Category 5 Testing - DTX CableAnalyzer

You will need DTX Version 2.74 or later for your DTX CableAnalyzer (free download).
Category 5 is an obsolete standard, but you may wish to test an older cabling system that was tested to Category 5.
Under TIA standards in SETUP, you will find TSB95 and TSB67.
In October 1995, the TIA issued TIA/EIA-TSB-67, Field Testing of Category 5 Installations. In 1998, applications groups began development of encoding systems and algorithms that use simultaneous bi-directional transmission over 4-pairs. The Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE) requested that the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) characterize equal level far-end crosstalk and return loss for installed category 5 cabling systems to ensure that bi-directional transmission is supported. TIA accepted the task and issued the telecommunications systems bulletin; TIA/EIA-TSB-95 Additional Transmission Performance Guidelines for 4-Pair 100 Ohm Category 5 Cabling.
TIA telecommunications systems bulletins are developed within the Technical Committees of the TIA and the standards coordinating committees of the TIA standards board. Members of the committees serve voluntarily and without commission. The companies that they represent are not necessarily members of the TIA. The bulletins developed within the TIA represent a consensus of the broad expertise on the subject. This expertise comes from within the TIA as well as those outside of the TIA that have an expressed interest. The viewpoint expressed at the time that this telecommunication systems bulletin was approved was from the contributors experience and the state of the art at that time. Users are encouraged to verify that they have the latest revision of the telecommunications systems bulletin. 

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