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Creating a Custom Fiber Test - DSP FTA Series

An example will best explain this.
Customer has asked that all fiber optic links shall be under 500 ft. The loss @ 850nm shall not exceed 2.25 dB. The loss @ 1300 shall not exceed 2.35 dB.
Rotate the dial to SETUP.
Configure Custom Test Screen
Press ENTER and change the CUSTOM TEST NAME. Scroll down to USE DEFAULT VALUES FROM and select General Fiber FTA410/20. You must use one of the three General Fiber selections.
Changing Custom Test Name
Press F4 to go to Page 2 of 3. Here you can enter the loss and length values specified by the customer.
Highlighted Maximum Loss
Press F4 once you have done this. Here you can change the INDEX OF REFRACTION this is the value used to measure length.
Highlighted Maximum Connector Loss
Now press SAVE.
Highlighted Changed Custom Cable Test
Your custom setting has now been created. The final stage is to select it. Press F3 until you get back to Page 1.
Highlighted Test Standard and Cable Type
Press ENTER and select your custom cable.
Selected Custom Test Cable
Once highlighted, press ENTER twice. The tester is now ready.
Highlighted Custom Tester
Rotate the dial back to AUTOTEST.
Custom Autotest Main Screen 

Author: Fluke Networks

Creation Date: 2014-03-02

Last Modified: 2014-03-02