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The DSX CableAnalyzer improves the efficiency of copper certification with unmatched speed for testing Cat 6A and Class FA while meeting DRAFT IEC Level V – the most stringent accuracy requirement.

  • Unmatched speed for category 5 through 8, Class FA and all current standards (Cat 6A in eight seconds)
  • Future-ready design supports fiber loss and inspection, OTDR testing and hardware upgrades
  • Integrates with LinkWare™ Live to manage jobs and testers from any smart device
  • Taptive™ user interface simplifies set up, and eliminates errors
  • Graphically displays the source of failures
  • Meets TIA Level 2G – the most stringent accuracy requirements
  • Endorsed by cabling vendors worldwide3
  • New Industrial Ethernet kit provides complete testing for copper cabling from single pair to Cat 6A, and includes adapters for RJ-45, M12-D and M12-X.

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