Versiv Registration Process FAQs

How does automatic registration work?

  • When you upload results from a Versiv mainframe with 4.0 firmware to LinkWare 9.1 on a PC with an internet connection, LinkWare checks to see if your Versiv mainframe, remotes, and measurements modules are unregistered. After supplying LinkWare with your MyAccount login and password, LinkWare will register these products in your Fluke Networks' MyAccount. If you remain logged into LinkWare it will automatically register any new unregistered devices on subsequent result uploads. You can manually request the registration status for an attached Versiv mainframe using Help / Product Registration from LinkWare.

What happens if I do not stay logged into MyAccount on LinkWare?

  • Any unregistered devices will not be registered and any updates, such as calibration date or software version number will not be recorded in your MyAccount data. You will be reminded to register any unregistered devices every 7 days.

If my Versiv is already registered, why am I begin prompted to register with LinkWare V9.1?

  • The automated product registration is more comprehensive / accurate / simple; it not only registers your mainframe, but also the remote and all associated measurement modules. Once registered through the automatic registration service any additional Versiv products you purchase will be automatically registered when used with LinkWare 9.1.

What information is recorded from my Versiv equipment?

  • The device’s identity (not your personal identity), its last date of calibration, its serial number, its current software version and its first use date (for Gold registration).

What does Fluke Networks do with this information?

  • The first use date is used to register and start any bundled Gold contract you may have purchased with your unit. We use the serial numbers and software version information to keep you informed of any important issues related to your products. We do not share your information with any third parties.

Is the manual method of Versiv registration still functional?

  • No, if you attempt manual registration you will be prompted to download LinkWare V9.1 and Versiv V4.0 to use automated registration. Gold registration can still be accomplished using a POP code; however, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the automated registration process, which will automatically register your Gold contract.

What happens to the existing registration information if I previously registered my Versiv using the manual process?

  • It will be reviewed by Fluke Networks and information received from the automated registration process will replace the existing registration information for those devices.

Why does my bundled Gold unit say “Gold activation pending” after I register?

  • We review Versiv registrations daily and match them with known Gold contracts. If you manually update your registration status for an attached Versiv using Help / Product Registration in LinkWare 9.1, you will see the Gold contract expiration date within 48 hours of registering.

Does automatic registration also opt me into getting marketing literature?

  • No, you can always opt out on your MyAccount page.