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quoteIn our business there are countless brands and types of test equipment to choose from. We have found that the Fluke Versiv is reliable, versatile and durable. This piece of test gear will do anything from a simple copper link test all the way to an OTDR test. We could not be more pleased with the performance.
– John Robertson, President
Data Communications of NC, Inc

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quoteI must say I was a bit skeptical about upgrading my DTX, thinking there would be not a lot of change for the price. But since purchasing my Versiv DSX Bundle I have had no issues with my techs learning how to use the new tool. My guys really like the taptive interface and the ability of the tester to transform itself depending on the module we install.
As a business owner I like how my techs can download results in a USB stick, and look forward to implementing the new Cloud capability without taking the tester out of the field. All these new features are saving time and money and allowing me to bill out jobs faster so we can get paid.

– Mark Montgomery, VP/CFO
Veteran’s Communications

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quoteThe CertiFiber Pro enables us to certify fiber in 3 seconds, nearly 10 times faster than our previous tool.
With CertiFiber Pro we're more competitive in bidding situations and it's a huge savings for Electra Link customers.

– Robert Carrasco, Senior Project Manager
Electra Link Inc.

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quoteWe benefited greatly on a high count fiber project we were installing a few months ago. It is a great tool and very user friendly.
– Kyle Crossfield, Service Technician

Easy to use LED screen. The Versiv allows for a more efficient set-up process than the DTX. Testing fiber optic cable is significantly faster than testing with the DTX. This enables us to complete jobs on time and within budget.
– Tim Morris, Lead Journeyman
Inglett & Stubbs

LanTro Vision adopts the Versiv DSX-5000 Cable Analyzer

Redstone gains a competitive advantage with Versiv Family Adoption

quoteVersiv test equipment allows our project managers to pre-load project files for the field crew ensuring accurate labeling of tests as well as complete project installation and certification.
– Bill Holt, RCDD, Dir. Design & Engineering
Telaid Industries, Inc.
quoteThe Versiv tester has increased our technicians’ productivity in the field allowing for easy setup and faster testing of cables. The ease of which we can download stored test results and leave the tester in the field has also contributed to their productivity. Having a single tester with quad fiber modules allows us to use the same unit for copper and different fiber testing keeping everyone familiar with the setup and testing procedures.
– Bill Quinn, Estimator/Project Manager
Global Security International
quoteUpgrading from a DSP4300 to the DSX5000 has dramatically decreased testing time. The DSX5000 is user friendly and easy to use. The unit is a unit to grow into and not grow out of. Highly recommend.
– Ronnie Bailey, CEO
RVSC Technology Solutions, Inc.
quoteThe increased speed and accuracy of the Versiv platform enable our company to be more competitive and compliant with all the recent changes to the testing standards.
– Scott Rowe, Sr. Vice President
Gibson Technologies
quoteSimply, TIME, LABOR, DEPENDABILITY and Versatility.
– Christopher Ciminera, Communications Superintendent / Program Covington
Cleveland Communication’s Group /CEC
quoteThe new Versiv platform increases our ability to be competitive by enhancing usability and decreasing the time we spend testing. This is particularly true in the data center space where each fiber optic test moves from minutes to seconds.
– Eddie del RioProject Manager
Direct Line
quoteFluke has made significant advances to their product line with the introduction of the Versiv DSX 5000. Standard features such as a full keyboard, touchscreen, tutorials and user friendly interface substantially increase efficiency on the job site. Anyone familiar with Fluke testers will be immediately impressed by the faster testing speeds and increased productivity. We are currently in the process of transitioning our entire fleet of DTX testers to the new Versiv DSX 5000 product line.
– Casey HaarbergPrincipal, Vice President of Commercial Sales
E2 Optics LLC

Versiv is awesome. It is fast, extremely easy to use and my techs absolutely love it.
– Jack Toland, Datacom Superintendent
CH Reynolds


Since our company acquired the Versiv, we have seen a huge decline on in-the-field testing errors. This unit helps minimize user errors in setup and testing. The speed of the actual tests really benefit in speeding up the processes to satisfy customer needs as well as profitability of the project.
– Maurice Hayes, Operations Manager
Foundation Cabling Corporation

 quoteIt’s a time saver it’s quick, efficient and user friendly.
– Billie Poulton, Project Manager
 JC Electric Inc.
quoteThe new Fluke Versiv equipment is so much more user friendly for our field technicians, with the ease of not having individual test heads to keep track of, along with the new report capabilities; which are outstanding.
– Wendy Garner, V.P. of Inside Plant Division
SMC Inc.
quoteThe Versiv testers have enabled our technicians to spend more time getting the project done and less time setting up test parameters, configuring label sets, and most importantly troubleshooting. We’ve seen a significant decrease in missing and incorrect test reports by setting up the tester ahead of time with all of the settings and cable IDs for multiple projects before the tester goes to the jobsite. This all translates into faster job completion, higher profits, and happier customers.
– Dave Lawes, RCDD, Regional Sales Manager
System Tech Inc.
quoteOur Company regularly completes installations that require thousands of cable certifications per site.  Seconds matter with cable counts that high.  The speeds at which the Versiv tests, coupled with the user friendly set-up wizards and ProjX Management System are driving factors in our choice to settle on nothing less than Fluke innovations.
– Bill McFadden, SCS Practice Manager
Varia Systems, Inc.
quoteThe Versiv platform of testers has allowed JTC to improve testing time, testing procedures, and record management using simple intuitive icons. Our Technicians are able to troubleshoot much quicker and the Taptiv User Interface makes setup of any test much simpler and more reliable.
– Mike Koehl, Operations
Jacobs Telephone Contractors
quoteSince our company acquired the Versiv, we have seen a huge decline on in-the-field testing errors. This unit helps minimize user errors in setup and testing. The speed of the actual tests really benefit in speeding up the processes to satisfy customer needs as well as profitability of the project.
– Maurice HayesOperations Manager
quoteCSI has greatly benefited from the fast, accurate and dependable service of the new Versiv QUAD OTDR. All of our field technicians prefer to use this Tester for all fiber connector installation. It has proven to reduce wasted fiber connectors as well as installation time in the field.
–Paul RatcliffInstallation Manager
Cabling Solutions, Inc.
quoteWhether certifying a new infrastructure or trouble shooting existing cabling the Versiv allows us to offer the fastest most up to date testing available. The large touch screen and ProjX system helps make the Versiv intuitive allowing for fast easy setup, quick job status checks, easy transitions between cable media as well as job technicians, accurate and complete test results, and simplified troubleshooting. Being able to test all types of cable on one tester with one software platform allows us to produce consistent professional test reports for our customers.
–Shane Sandberg, Foreman
Fullford Technology Systems
quoteUtilizing the Fluke’s Verisv certifier has allowed our business to market ourselves within a more distinct classification, as well as save countless hours of onsite time. By demonstrating speed, efficiency, and accuracy, the Fluke Versiv tester has proven to be at the forefront of technology.
–Steve Lentz, Owner
Fullford Technology Systems
quoteWe recently lost one of our DTX -1800’s due a theft. We purchased a Versiv to replace the DTX and could not be happier with the Versi. The ease of use makes it more efficient and expedites the testing processing saving our company time and money. While we were not happy about the theft our techs and management could not be happier with the Versi.
–Michael Portoghese, RCDD/ President
Fullford Technology Systems
quoteThe new Fluke Versiv’s are easier to program, the screen is better and it’s faster than previously owned testers. It was an easy transition for the field techs to get used to the new tester.
– Robert Lopez, President
L Tech Network Services, Inc.