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MultiFiber Pro Case Study

Think Trunk Cables Don’t Need Testing? MultiFiber Pro Shows One Installation Contractor They Certainly Do

Issues with trunk cables can often sneak into an installation unrecognized. After all, this cable is generally pre-tested and certified, so it must be fine. That common perception was certainly shared by one East Coast-based installation contractor, who nevertheless was experiencing persistent issues with a particular project. In fact, the problem was so intractable that despite repeatedly examining, cleaning and re-testing the links with their OTDR unit, installers were unable to isolate the issue. And as a result, they were watching job profitability vanish in a haze of additional man-hours.

The company was put in touch with Fluke Networks, and quickly learned that, although the installers had the best fiber testing tools on the market, they weren’t the right ones. Moreover, it turned out that “pre-tested and certified” didn’t actually provide the guarantee they thought. Fluke Networks showed the contractor how the company’s MultiFiber Pro can rapidly troubleshoot the thorniest fiber trunk issues.

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