2013 DTX-EFM2 Trade-up Program

Comply with Encircled Flux Fiber Testing. Test easily, with no new training.

Fluke Networks new multimode fiber tester with integrated Encircled Flux makes meeting new testing standards easy.  The DTX sets the example for multimode fiber certification.  Now the new DTX-EFM2 Fiber Modules are a quick and easy way to upgrade to EF compliance.  No unfamiliar equipment, no new procedures, no new training. Test as you always do.

Trade-up to the new DTX Encircled Flux Modules—and get up to $1500 cash back.  Simply purchase the DTX-EFM2 before June 28, 2013, send us your DTX-MFMs or DTX-MFM2s and we will send you $1000, also send us your Encircled Flux test reference cords listed below;


And we will add an additional $500 for a total of $1500 cash back.