TX Calibration & Service Ended
June 30, 2018.

  1. What is the status of the DTX Series?

  2. Fluke Networks launched the DTX-1800, and DTX-1200 CableAnalyzers in 2004. As the product aged, our suppliers stopped manufacturing a number of key components used in these models. We stockpiled as many of those parts as we could find, but by 2015 began to run low. At that point, we decided to stop manufacture of these models and reserve the remaining parts we had stockpiled for service purposes. These stockpiles have been exhausted, causing us to end repair and calibration services as of June 30, 2018.

  3. Can I keep using my DTX more than one year after calibration?

    Fluke Networks recommends annual calibration in order to make sure the DTX meets its accuracy specifications. This recommendation is based on analysis of the design of the product and its components, as well as real world observations. We cannot guarantee the instrument’s accuracy if it has been more than one year since it was last calibrated, which means a user can’t be confident of a PASS or FAIL result generated by the instrument. If the DTX is being used to certify an installation for a third party, they may not accept the results of that certification if it has been more than a year since the DTX was calibrated.

  4. Are any options or accessories still available?

    We have limited supplies of some DTX ELT, LT, 1200 and 1800 accessories, including batteries, adapters, and fiber cords. Contact us at 800-283-5853 to check availability.

  5. Will there be any more software or standards releases for the DTX?

    No. Note that we continued to provide updates for the DTX, even after we stopped manufacturing it in 2015. The most recent release was in July 2016 and is available here. The changes in the industry today are around new capabilities such as NBASE-T, Category 8, and PoE. The DTX doesn’t have the hardware necessary to support these standards, so new software releases aren’t necessary.

  6. Will LinkWareTM PC continue to support the DTX?

    Absolutely, and for years to come. Note that the most recent version of LinkWare PC still supports the DSP Series, the predecessor to the DTX.

  7. What do you recommend as a replacement product?

    Our Versiv Cabling Certification System does everything the DTX can do, but also supports all the latest standards, is easily upgradable to future standards, and can increase contractor profits on cabling jobs by up to 10%. See all the reasons to switch to Versiv here. See how Versiv stacks up against DTX

  8. Are you offering any trade-in programs for my old DTX?

    For more information or to discuss the right module for your application, contact our support team at 1-800-28-FLUKE (1-800-283-5853) or info@flukenetworks.com.

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