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Be a Pro, Use a PROProduct Information
Fiber OneShot™ PRO is your first response to fiber trouble. The simple, one-button test feature means no training and can cut the average job time by 30 percent, making anyone a fiber pro.

Whether you are troubleshooting FTTx, Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC), fiber links between Central Offices, or working on regional or rural access networks, Fiber OneShot PRO can quickly and easily locate lossy connections, high-loss faults, bad splices, severe microbends/macrobends and breaks in a singlemode fiber network.

  • Saves time - analyzes your fiber link in less than five seconds and can cut the average job time by 30 percent
  • Easy to use - no confusing data to interpret and its one-button test feature means little to no training
  • Portable - handheld and ruggedly built for any environment.

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