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View our "6 Steps of the Complete Fibre Certification Process" webinar Part 1.

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As the worldwide leader in certification, troubleshooting, and installation tools for professionals who install and maintain critical network cabling infrastructure, we have put together seven online webinars. They show you everything you need to do to certify your fibre optic network and ensure troubleshooting is reduced to a minimum.

Each of the episodes take around 10 minutes. In addition, they have a common 10 minute initial section that you can easily skip if you have already viewed it. We’ve made them straightforward and easy to follow with friendly narration, onscreen captions, diagrams and illustrative charts. What’s more, as they’re recorded, you can watch them whenever it’s convenient for you.

Prevention is better than cure
You know that network failure is a disaster. So why take the risk? Certification is not only better than repair, it takes a lot less effort! Register now.

This is an On-demand webinar you don’t want to miss.

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