Distributed Work Manager (DWM)


Distributed Work Manager correlates information from virtually every aspect of the network to build prioritized work packages and improve dispatch center operations.

  • Prioritizes work packages across multiple work groups
  • Manages and optimizes technician job assignments
  • Eliminates unnecessary dispatches
  • Improves dispatch quality
  • Automates many manual functions
  • Increases field technician and support center productivity




Distributed Work Manager provides proactive, reactive and preventative operational maintenance of the outside plant network. Distributed Work Manager helps identify cost reduction opportunities, performs automated data collection and analysis, prioritizes field operations, delivers work items to the field and most importantly, tracks the success of individual jobs and aggregates reporting at various management hierarchies.

Automation ensures timely and accurate information retrieval. By systematically applying rule sets and filters, Distributed Work Manager consistently finds the best job with the best payback ROI.

A wide variety of job types can be managed within Distributed Work Manager through modules—from data and test identification to pre-calculating cost factors like historical and future-spend trending. Each module can have a smaller subset of jobs and a variety of status codes to move a job from one step to the next. All modules have a powerful reporting capability through canned reports, ad-hoc report generation, or integration with third-party tools to access the Oracle database. See our features page for more information.

Distributed Work Manager is the system you need to speed workflow, improve or eliminate dispatches by boosting field technician and support center efficiency.