Trade in- best for far better GBP |

Fiber On. Cash In.
Offer ends December 22, 2017!

Your DTX* has served you well for years. The only way we’d ask you to replace it is if we had something better. And we have something far better.

Our best just got better, and your work output and profits will, too. By upgrading to Versiv you will have instruments that earn you money every time you use them. On top of that we especially value our Gold Customers and we’ll prove it to you. We will give you incredible trade-in deals to swap out your DTX devices for our new DSX models part of the Versiv Cable Certification System.

Trade in your cable tester for a brand new member of the Versiv Cabling Certification System and save up to £3780.

To view the full terms and conditions and discover which Versiv instruments are included in this trade-in promo, download the promotional flyer.



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* Long-term support for the DTX-1200/1800 Series is ending on June 30th, 2018.

• This promotion may not be used or combined with any other promotion or special discount offer (including the “DealMaker”).
• This offer is valid in Europe, the Middle East and Africa through participating distributors only on purchases between September 1, 2017 and December 22, 2017.
Trade-in instruments that are being returned must have a similar functionality as those being purchased. For example, those buying a DSX-5000QI-W INT must return a DTX CableAnalyzer and a Fiber Module Set.
• This offer is subject to change without notice.