AirMagnet Survey

Design and deploy wireless 802.11n/a/b/g/ac LAN for optimal performance, security and compliance

  • Design and deploy the most accurate indoor & outdoor wireless LAN network (802.11n/a/b/g/ac) correctly the first time and prevent costly rework & IT complaints
  • Collect real-world data by performing unique true end-user experience (wireless LAN throughput, data rates, retries, losses) measurements
  • Minimize expensive wireless 802.11n/a/b/g/ac LAN performance impact due to RF interference sources by performing simultaneous wireless spectrum analysis in a single walk through
  • Simulate “What-if” scenarios to prevent or minimize costly repeat wireless site survey walks
  • Single-click wireless LAN network readiness verification for Voice over WiFi and Location Services
  • Confidently certify the wireless network for any design/application requirements using customer-ready pass/fail assessment reports
  • Customize reports enabling efficient hand over of results based on wireless LAN design/application requirements
  • Seamless integration with AirMagnet Planner to validate the estimated wireless LAN model
  • Integration with AirCheck™ Wi-Fi Tester and AirMapper™ apps on Android-based smartphones and tablets to design and validate your BYOD networks

Note: 1st year Gold support is required and must be purchased separately. Click here to read more about Gold support.

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AirMagnet Survey is the industry's most accurate wireless site survey software solution for mapping, planning and designing 802.11n/a/b/g/ac wireless LANs for optimal performance, security and compliance. This wireless 802.11n site survey software calculates the ideal quantity, placement and configuration of APs for a successful wireless LAN deployment.

AirMagnet Survey goes beyond just verifying RF coverage, by plotting actual end-user network performance in terms of connection speed, throughput and packet statistics. The end result is a complete Wi-Fi “weather map” of all critical RF and end-user performance metrics helping users deploy the network correctly the first time and prevent costly rework & IT complaints. This is critical not only for guaranteeing the highest level of user satisfaction, but also helps wireless 802.11n site survey users like System Integrators maintain their margins on a project and maximizes the chances of getting repeat business.

Advanced features of this wireless 802.11n site survey software allow users to integrate with professional spectrum analyzers to collect Wi-Fi and non Wi-Fi data in a single walkthrough, model pre-deployment scenarios to estimate budgets and define the migration strategies to new technologies, generate customized survey reports, perform outdoor surveys using GPS devices, conduct Voice over Wi-Fi site surveys to design the network to be voice-ready certify the network for end-user network and application requirements, and do detailed end-user capacity planning.

AirMagnet Survey is available in “Express” and “PRO” versions. AirMagnet Survey Express offers a lighter version of the wireless 802.11n site survey software solution that allows users to perform the basics of Wi-Fi site surveying with ability to map out signal, noise and even user performance. AirMagnet Survey PRO extends those wireless 802.11n site survey capabilities found in the Express version and adds powerful, industry-defining features including wireless 802.11n deployments, multi-floor deployments, outdoor surveys, network design verification, voice readiness verification and surveys, RF spectrum analysis, and many more.


AirMagnet WiFi Survey 8.7 Released! Check out What’s New


Models & Accessories
Model Number/Name Description
AM/A4018AirMagnet Survey PRO (Incl. Planner)
AM/B4010AirMagnet Survey Express
AM/A4016-UGDAirMagnet Survey Express to Survey PRO (upgrade model)
AM/A4013-UGDAirMagnet Planner Module for existing A4015 customers
AM/B4070AirMagnet Spectrum XT (optional)
AM/C1095AirMagnet Multi-adapter kit for Survey (US, World Mode and Japan versions available)
AM/C1096AirMagnet 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless PCI Express Card
AM/C1080-JPPROXIM ORINOCO 8494 802.11A/B/G/N USB Adapter (Japan Only)
AM/C1080-USPROXIM ORINOCO 8494 802.11A/B/G/N USB Adapter; For countries that follow FCC & IC
AM/C1080-WDPROXIM ORINOCO 8494 802.11A/B/G/N USB Adapter; For countries that follow CE
Model Number/Name Description
AM/A1480AirMagnet WLAN Design & Analysis Suite Bundle (Survey Pro/Planner, WiFi Analyzer Pro and Spectrum XT) Available in all countries except US and Canada
AM/A1490AirMagnet WLAN Design & Analysis Suite Bundle with Multi Adapter Kit (Survey Pro/Planner, WiFi Analyzer Pro and Spectrum XT + 3 Proxim adapters) Available in US & Canada only.
AM/A1580AirMagnet Survey Pro/Planner and Spectrum XT Bundle
AM/A1481AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer and Survey Pro/Planner
AM/A1482AirMagnet VoFi Analyzer and Survey Pro/Planner
Wireless Solutions Brochure
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Data sheets
AirMagnet PCI Express Card And 3 X 3 Antenna Datasheet
Download PDF
AirMagnet Survey Datasheet
Overview, features and benefits of AirMagnet Survey
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Fluke Networks´ Solution Catalog NEW
68 page guide to selection and ordering Fluke Networks´ Solutions and Products
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White papers
802.11a,b,g,n Compatibility
This paper takes a detailed look at the impact of coexistence of 802.11n with legacy a/b/g networks.
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802.11ac Migration White Paper
802.11ac Migration White Paper
Download PDF
Best Practices for 802.11ac Survey
Understanding more about the underlying technology of 802.11ac is critical when considering a deployment. Despite the tremendous benefits of 802.11ac, it is still susceptible to the standard performance-killers that impact all WiFi environments – non-Wi-F
Download PDF
Best Practices for Wireless Site Design
Best Practices for Wireless Site Design
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BYOD Without Tears
The Impact and challenge for Network Engineers
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Implementing 802.11ac – Revolution Or Evolution? EN
As you develop your wireless network to handle increasing user demands, have you considered the new 802.11ac standard? It’s due to be ratified early 2014, and products supporting it are already available. Download our White Paper and learn what 802
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Interference and Wireless LANs
Interference and Wireless LANs
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AirMagnet Gold Flyer
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AMM Enterprise IT
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AMM System Integrator
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Case Studies
Love's Travel Stops Case Study

Fluke Networks Helps Love’s Travel Stops Deliver Clean Places and Friendly Faces at 300+ Retail Locations Nationwide

Love's Travel Stops and Country Stores is a family-owned chain of more than 330 truck stops and convenience stores across 39 states. The company’s principle of "Clean Places, Friendly Faces" guides its growth and has positioned Love's at the forefront of the travel center and convenience store industry. With more than 10,000 employees nationwide, any network performance hiccup can impact the point of sale process, from the checkout counter to Love's advanced freight and truck services. The result affects worker productivity, as well as the overall customer experience, jeopardizing Love’s goal of serving the nation’s drivers with superior service and innovation.

Love's Travel Stops now uses AirMagnet Survey Pro to plan wireless network access points. The company also uses AirMagnet Spectrum XT during both planning and after installation to scan for interference. And after installation, Love's uses AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer to identify and troubleshoot performance issues beyond interference. The result helps the Love’s network team deploy wireless access points intelligently and battle outside interference from a wide range of devices—even the occasional gaming console and WiFi jammer.

Read full story ...

BlueSafe Case Study

BlueSafe Uses Fluke Networks’ AirMagnet Solutions to Help Organizations Throughout France Deploy High-Performance Wireless Networks

BlueSafe is one of the premier Wi-Fi system integrators in France. They help organizations achieve unified mobility by planning, deploying and managing wireless networks that meet business requirements for connectivity, application performance and security. As Wi-Fi networks continue to evolve and expand, and as a new generation of mobile devices hit the workplace, businesses are presented with a variety of new performance and security challenges. BlueSafe is responsible for helping these organizations address those challenges. To do this successfully, the company not only requires a set of solutions for accurately planning and deploying wireless networks, but that also enables the team to quickly troubleshoot, secure and monitor the wireless network.

BlueSafe selected Fluke Networks’ AirMagnet Survey and Planner, AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer, and AirMagnet Enterprise. These solutions give BlueSafe, and their customers, the ability to deploy high-performance wireless networks, and to secure and manage these networks once in service.

Read full story ...

InnerWireless, a Black Box Company

Ensure optimum performance when deploying and maintaining large, complex, mission-critical in-building wireless networks. Assess existing customer solutions, validate new wireless deployments, review, support, and troubleshoot deployed solutions.

With AirMagnet tools, the InnerWireless team is able to readily validate that deployed solutions continue operating to spec, and work with customers to quickly identify, troubleshoot and address physical-layer issues in their deployed solutions.

Read full story ...

AirMapper™ PRO
AirCheck™ Wi-Fi Tester for Windows & Android™Basic Features in
Express and PRO
What More Can
You Do in PRO?
Survey/WLAN Modeling Capabilities
  • Indoor site surveys
  • 11a/b/g/n support
  • Perform BYOD- readiness site survey
  • Indoor site surveys
  • 11a/b/g/n/ac support
  • Perform BYOD- readiness site survey
  • Indoor site surveys
  • 11a/b/g/n/ac support
  • Simultaneous surveying capability (2 surveys at the same time)
  • Outdoor, GPS surveys
  • Surveying of 200+ non-standard channels
  • Built-in Planner for WLAN modeling*
Survey Data capture and Basic Analysis capability
  • Signal strength coverage heat map
  • WLAN throughput heat map
  • Signal strength coverage heat map
  • WLAN throughput heat map
  • Signal strength coverage heat map
  • Noise coverage heat map
  • SNR coverage heat map
  • Channel interference heat map
  • PHY Data rates heat map
  • Packet retry heat map
  • Packet loss heat map
  • Visualize coverage heat map for secondary and tertiary APs
  • WLAN throughput heat map
  • iPerf Surveys showing real-world uplink and downlink performance
  • Display of 11n and 11ac operation modes, MCS, 20/40/80/160 MHz bandwidth
  • Channel width coverage maps (20/40/80/160 MHz) for development of optimal channel allocation planning
  • 802.11ac channel overlap
Advanced Survey Analysis
  • Not available
  • Not available
  • Diff view to compare two different surveys
  • Open single survey project at a time
  • Multi-view options
  • Open and view multiple surveys simultaneously
  • Multi-floor surveys
  • Voice over WLAN surveys**
  • Compare multiple views and plots of a single survey
  • BYOD network readiness assessment***
User-customizable Design/Application requirements
  • Requires integration with AirMagnet Survey PRO
  • Requires integration with AirMagnet Survey PRO
  • Requires integration with AirMagnet Survey PRO
  • Automated network verification and validation
  • Voice-Readiness validation
  • Location-Readiness validation
  • Pass/Fail assessment for design & application requirements
  • Expert recommendations and advice
Summary and Reporting
  • Requires integration with Survey PRO
  • Requires integration with AirMagnet Survey PRO
  • Overall WLAN coverage report
  • Multi-language support for reports
  • Overall coverage and performance reports
  • Per AP/channel/SSID coverage and performance reports
  • WLAN planning report
  • Channel/AP interference reports
  • AirWISE (system requirements) report
  • VoWLAN report
  • Spectrum analysis report
  • Create and share customized reporting templates
RF and Spectrum Analysis
  • Not available
  • Not available
  • Detect and plot noise and co-channel interference
  • Integration with AirMagnet Spectrum XT, AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer, Fluke Networks AnalyzeAir& Cisco Spectrum Expert
  • Identify areas where spectrum interferers were detected
* Starting Nov 10 2009, Planner is built into Survey PRO for new customers. Separate Planner Module license required for integration with AirMagnet Survey Express or existing users of Survey PRO (product purchased prior to Nov 10 2009).
** Voice grade surveys require AirMagnet VoFi Analyzer PRO to be installed on the same machine as Survey PRO
*** Based on survey data collected from AirMagnet AirMapper™
System Requirements
Minimum System Requirements:

The installation and operation of AirMagnet Survey (software-only) requires separate hardware with one of the following minimum system requirements below.

» NetBook (Survey Express Only)
Supported Adapters

WiFi Adapter Check Utility for Survey

AirMagnet Survey Adapter Check Utility is intended to provide you with an easy way to verify whether your current OS, adapter(s) and driver(s) combination is supported by AirMagnet software. Utility also provides links to information about supported OS, adapters and AirMagnet drivers.


Before running the utility, please make sure you have all the drivers and WiFi cards installed and functioning correctly.

Download Utility

AirMagnet supports three categories of wireless adapters:
  1. Preferred Adapters:These adapters have been comprehensively tested by AirMagnet and are recommended for use with AirMagnet Survey PRO. Drivers have been customized for extended feature support.
  2. Standard Adapters:These adapters have been comprehensibly tested by AirMagnet and are recommended for use with AirMagnet Survey PRO. Drivers have not been customized and may provide limited feature support.
  3. Limited Support Adapters:These adapters have been known to work with AirMagnet products, however, they have not been extensively tested. Fluke Networks recommends using Preferred or Standard Adapters with AirMagnet products.
Note: Authentications supported by various adapters could be limited by their own capabilities, Windows wireless zero configurations and various other reasons. Click on "More details" for each adapter to get detailed information on the supported features and authentications.
Wireless Adapters:
Product Tour
New Features in AirMagnet Survey 8.0:
On-demand Webinars
This webinar is presented by wireless expert, Keith Parsons, and highlights features introduced in AirMagnet Survey last year that allow users to perform site survey's in half the time.
Topics covered include: How to design your network for voice; How to verify your network's readiness for any phone vendor; How to perform a voice grade survey to validate and optimize the phone call quality; How to detect voice quality problems and their potential cause; Best practices for performing a voice survey.
This webinar, hosted by Cisco, provides a live demonstration of how users can export real-world survey data and planner projects from AirMagnet Survey and AirMagnet Planner into Cisco WCS.
In this on-demand webinar, Wil Ankerstjerne from Aspire Technology Partners will share real-world experiences and best practices for planning, deploying, and optimizing 802.11ac WLAN networks to achieve top-level performance.
In this webinar, Jim Geier will explain how to perform a site survey for designing a wireless LAN that supports location-based applications with examples from his implementation projects using Fluke Networks’ AirMagnet Survey. Based on his experiences, Jim will provide tips on performing these surveys in a way that best supports location applications in addition to other requirements.
View this on-demand webinar as Keith Parsons discussed the topics and techniques around designing the most optimum Wireless LANs for high density – Large Public Venues or even simple K-12 classrooms.