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Unified Network and Application Performance Monitoring
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  • Application Performance Monitoring – The TruView application performance monitoring tool passively monitors application transactions as they occur and reports response time for user, network and application tiers. Transaction details are stored and can be leveraged for troubleshooting, baselining, error detection, performance and availability analysis, trend reporting, and many other functions. Read more
  • Network Performance Monitoring – See into device/interface availability be it physical or virtual, traffic analysis details across LAN, WAN, and Cloud environments, and uncovers threatening traffic patterns where you may be playing host to rogue or other non-production traffic. Read more
  • VoIP Performance Monitoring– Gain one of a kind performance visibility into VoIP quality of experience in an easy to understand graphical depiction of the call, with drill down into each individual call to understand the underlying degradation factors. Read more
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Visual TruView – Focused on the Experience of the End User


TruView is an application and network performance monitoring tool that has been recognized by leading analyst firms and honored with several industry awards. Ranked as a leader in Gartner’s NPMD Magic Quadrant and Best Hybrid AANPM Solution in Enterprise Management Associate’s Radar Report, Visual TruView is leading the way in performance monitoring, troubleshooting, and analyzing both network and application systems, commonly referred to as Application-aware Network Performance Management (AANPM).

This application and network performance monitoring and management tool embeds the most important data sources such as packet, transaction, NetFlow/IPFIX, and SNMP and presents analytics in a time correlated single dashboard view. These correlated views will help you to quickly see how well the infrastructure is transporting applications and how well those applications are performing in context of the end user experience. And, TruView's integrated 10 Gbps full line rate stream-to-disk packet capture ensures you'll never miss an important event again, as verified by the Tolly Group independent performance test. Learn more about TruView.

Models & Accessories
Model Number/Name Description
Visual TruView Models
TRUVIEW-2200TruView Appliance, 2x1Gbps Monitor, 2TB Storage 5k flows capable
TRUVIEW-4400TruView Appliance, 4x1Gbps Monitor, 4TB Storage 5k flows capable
TRUVIEW-4800TruView Appliance, 4x1Gbps Monitor, 8TB Storage 10k flows capable
TRUVIEW-5200TruView Appliance, 2x10Gbps Monitor, 12TB Storage 20k flows capable
TRUVIEW-6200TruView Appliance, 2x10Gbps Monitor, 24TB Storage 20k flows capable
TVC-ENTERPRISETruView Central Appliance - Extended Capacity Model
TVC-PROTruView Central Appliance - Standard Capacity Model
TRUVIEW-F-20KTruView Flow Appliance, 20K Flows/Second
TRUVIEW-F-50KTruView Flow Appliance, 50K Flows/Second
TRUVIEW-F-100KTruView Flow Appliance, 100K Flows/Second
TRUVIEW-F-300KTruView Flow Appliance, 300K Flows/Second
VTRUVIEW-F-5KVirtual TruView Flow Appliance, 5K Flows/Second
VTRUVIEW-F-20KVirtual TruView Flow Appliance, 20K Flows/Second
VTRUVIEW-F-50KVirtual TruView Flow Appliance, 50K Flows/Second
TRUVIEW-P-2200TruView Packet Appliance, 2x1Gbps, 2TB
TRUVIEW-P-4400TruView Packet Appliance, 4x1Gbps, 4TB
TRUVIEW-P-4800TruView Packet Appliance, 4x1Gbps, 8TB
TRUVIEW-P-5200TruView Packet Appliance, 2x10Gbps, 12TB
TRUVIEW-P-6200TruView Packet Appliance, 2x10Gbps, 24TB
Model Number/Name Description
VOIPVIEW MODULEVoIP Analytics Module for TruView & APA Appliances
FLOWVIEW MODULEFlow Analytics Module for TruView Appliance
TV-B-122TruView Branch 10/100Mbps Click here for more information
TV-B-122-UPTMTruView Branch + UpTime SW 10/100Mbps
24TB-ESA-ST24TB ESA for TruView 4800 & 5200 Appliance Models
36TB-ESA-ST36TB ESA for TruView 4800 & 5200 Appliance Models
24TB-ESA-XT24TB ESA for TruView or APA 6200 Appliance Model
CSV-5 PACK5 CSV Software License Pack for TruView & APA Appliances
CSV-10 PACK10 CSV Software License Pack for TruView & APA Appliances
CSV-25 PACK25 CSV Software License Pack for TruView & APA Appliances
ASE Probe SoftwareData Center WAN Circuit Monitoring. Click here for more information.
ASE ProbesData Center WAN Circuit Monitoring. Click here for more information.
Monitor Ports2 X 1 Gbps4 X 1 Gbps4 X 1 Gbps2 X 10 Gbps2 X 10 Gbps
Storage2 TB4 TB8 - 296 TB8 - 296 TB24 - 216 TB


TruView Central
SpecsTruView Central - ProTruView Central - Enterprise
Storage4 TB12TB
TruView Flow Appliance
Flows20K Flows/Second50K Flows/Second100K Flows/Second300K Flows/Second
Storage2 TB4 TB8 TB12 TB
TruView Packet Appliance
Monitor Ports2 X 1 Gbps4 X 1 Gbps4 X 1 Gbps2 X 10 Gbps2 X 10 Gbps
Storage2 TB4 TB8 - 296 TB8 - 296 TB24 – 216 TB


The New Equation For Faster IT Problem-solving
There’s a new acronym in network management: AANPM, or Application Aware Network Performance Management. Find out how it could help you solve network and application problems more quickly.
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Visual Truview Brochure
Visual Truview Brochure
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Data sheets
MPLS Software Module Datasheet
Download PDF
Professional Services Data Sheet
Professional Services Data Sheet
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Truview Branch Datasheet
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Truview Flow Datasheet
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Truview Packet Datasheet
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Visual Truview Datasheet
Visual TruView Datasheet
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Application notes
Application Note - TruView Citrix
Application Note - Manage Application Performance in a Virtual Environment from the Perspective of the End-User
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Application Notes - VoIP
Application Notes - VoIP
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White papers
Building an ROI - Application and Network Performance Management
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Counting The Cost Of Network Efficiency
It’s not easy to quantify the benefits of improved network performance – but it’s an important part of making a business case for the resources you need. Our new White Paper provides some tips on how to make the case for the equipment you need to improve
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EMA Impact Brief - Taking End-to-End AANPM to a New Level (English Only)
When describing the scope of network and application performance management solution, technology providers love to use the term “end-to-end” to denote the completeness of their offerings. But as with all things, definitions will vary, particularly when
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EMA Impact Brief - Visual TruView Solution Expanded (English Only)
Visual TruView Extends Unified Network and Application Performance Management
Download PDF
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Gaining Agility, Control and Better Performance with Application-aware Network Performance and Diagnostics
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Guide To IT Best Practices In AANPM
This guide is intended for companies, organizations, and IT professionals who are looking for a network and application monitoring tool that provides a holistic view of application performance, including performance monitoring, from the end-user per
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Guide to IT Best Practices in AANPM White Paper
This guide is intended for companies, organizations, and IT professionals who are looking for a network and application monitoring tool that provides a holistic view of application performance, including performance monitoring, from the end-user perspecti
Download PDF
Hybrid Wan - Unlock the Power of Three
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Maximising ROI from data center virtualization and consolidation through end user performance management
Has your consolidated and virtualised data center delivered the benefits you expected? Or are you planning a consolidation project and wondering how to manage performance in the new environment? With virtualised applications, it can be difficult to meas
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Optimising bandwidth: why size doesn’t always matter
As use of bandwidth hungry applications such as VoIP and video grows exponentially, capacity planning is becoming more important than ever before. We’ve identified five key areas network managers should focus on to tackle this challenge. Find out more in
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Put the Customer first - Managing the User Experience
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Reduce the risk of network and application performance issues
Reduce the risk of network and application performance issues. Your how-to guide to optimising network performance and minimising downtime
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The business value of performance management
Download PDF
The Inefficiency of the IT Silo
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The new equation for faster IT problem-solving
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VOIP And The Move Towards Unified Communications
This White Paper looks at the move to VoIP and unified communications and how to address the resulting performance issues in wired and wireless networks for an increasingly mobile workforce, as well as the potential benefits of the 802.11ac standard.
Download PDF
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What is the real value of managing the performance of your business-critical applications?
Download PDF
Whitepaper: Ensuring the success of data center consolidation
Ensuring the success of data center consolidation white paper
Download PDF
Why do we tolerate the unnecessary cost of network & application problems?
Striving for optimal performance doesn’t seem to make financial sense. But if they took a deeper dive and looked at costs from a variety of perspectives, they might find that they are sacrificing productivity to save a few dollars on tools that troublesh
Download PDF
1.22 MB
Why Network Engineering Needs To Change
This paper will examine how the mandates to align IT with the business, become increasingly agile and continually cut cost are driving fundamental change in the way that IT organizations need to function
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Fluke Networks´ Visual TruView Provides Deeper Insight Into Complex Networks
Fluke Networks´ Visual TruView Provides Deeper Insight Into Complex Networks
Download PDF
1019.6 KB
Network Computing Visual TruView Review
Network Computing Visual TruView Review
Download PDF
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Tolly Test Report
Tolly Independent Performance Certification.
Download PDF
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Tru-Up Service for TruView 9.0
Download PDF
327.27 KB
TruView And ClearSight Analyzer Supported Protocols
Download PDF
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TruView Beats the Competition: Half the Price, One-Fifth the Hardware (English Only)
Download PDF
2.25 MB
TruView Operations End User Course
Download PDF
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Case Studies
Tecnatom Case Study

Tecnatom Engineers Top Application Performance with Visual TruView™ From Fluke Networks

Tecnatom, based in Madrid, Spain, offers global engineering services to companies involved in the nuclear energy production sector. Since its founding in 1957, the company has grown to more than 750 highly-skilled employees today, delivering innovative solutions to over 1,000 users spread over multiple national and international sites. Because of its growth and the distributed nature of its services, Tecnatom needed a solution that could monitor its systems and accelerate incident resolution. With clients in diverse markets and locations, Tecnatom began searching for an intuitive application and network monitoring solution that was easy to deploy, required little maintenance work, and streamlined technicians' workflow.

Following its deployment, TruView has allowed Tecnatom to drastically improve incident resolution. Diagnosis times have been reduced to just four clicks or 30 seconds. This time savings has increased productivity, not only for users who have seen significant improvements in incident resolution times, but also for technicians who can now quickly identify, diagnose, and address system issues. Being empowered to solve even complex issues quickly and reliably has increased the IT team's confidence, success, and overall reputation in the company.

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Odea Bank Case Study

Odeabank A.S. Finds Unmatched Network Visibility with Visual TruView

Odeabank A.S. is a financial and banking services provider based in Istanbul, Turkey with 1,500 people working at 50 branch locations in 20 cities. Odeabank must continuously monitor its extensive network and application mix, including more than 600 virtual servers, to ensure optimum service levels. Employees use vital banking applications to manage money and provide superb service, while Odeabank customers require flawless 24/7 online access to their bank accounts. With the variability of potential issues that can slow network performance, and customer satisfaction and worker productivity at stake, the company needed to manage application performance and ensure end-to-end visibility of the network, including the granular detail necessary to identify issues and analyze root causes.

Odeabank now uses Visual TruView from Fluke Networks to monitor all of its applications, network infrastructure and more than 600 virtual servers from a central dashboard. The TruView solution provides end-to-end visibility, packet capture analysis and root-cause analysis. Recently, Odeabank experienced some slowness on an application running across all sites. With TruView, the IT team quickly identified the situation before users even registered there was a problem. The TruView application-monitoring dashboard showed IT that the network round-trip time was acceptable, but the application response time was high. The team quickly added new servers to the application pool and the issue was resolved.

Read full story ...

RNDC Case Study

Republic National Distributing Company is Buzzing About Visual TruView and OptiView XG

As the second largest alcohol distributor in the United States, RNDC’s network stretches across 23 states and comprises three data centers, 40 warehouses and 20 sales offices. Smooth internal communications, operations, and logistics across all locations are critical to the daily success of the organization. However, with a broadly distributed network running 30 to 40 primary applications, RNDC’s network was prone to network traffic issues across all sites, including the main data center. In order to effectively identify and solve these issues, the network team lacked the visibility and in-depth information needed to troubleshoot accurately and efficiently.

Since deploying TruView, the RNDC network team has used its advanced monitoring and reporting features to become more responsive to tough issues and resolve them with speed. The solution provides them as much as a 97 percent reduction in time and expense for handling routine problems. RNDC is now capable of identifying the root cause of network issues and delays through 24-hour application performance and network monitoring with TruView. The team is excited about plans to expand its current TruView deployment to encompass broader areas of the company.

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Titelive Case Study

Titelive uses Visual TruView™ to Ensure Software and Web Service Availability for Optimized Bookstore Operations

Titelive is the largest software and web services provider for European bookstores and other media providers. The company is an end-to-end web service provider, hosting websites and e-commerce platforms for many of its more than 508 bookstore customers. This is an incredible responsibility, placing a heavy burden on its network technology and support personnel. Recurring issues started to cause problems, ranging from connections to service quality to server loads. The company needed to rethink its network monitoring and troubleshooting approach when its infrastructure surpassed 120 servers across two data centers.

Titelive turned to Fluke Networks and the unique combination of its Visual TruView and OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablets to track specific issues quickly and with certainty. If a client website is running slow, the Titelive IT team can use Visual TruView to analyze network and application performance to pinpoint the root cause before it impacts client sales or user experiences. The OptiView XG adds a layer of mobile troubleshooting that Titelive has found indispensible, especially when the team needs to troubleshoot on each end of the firewall.

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DeKalb County Schools Case Study

DeKalb County School District Sees Clearly with Visual TruView and OptiView XG

The DeKalb County School District’s infrastructure includes more than 1,700 switches and routers, three core network sites on a 10Gb fiber ring and 16 head-end locations. The entire system consists of more than 140 locations, including schools and centers that serve 14,000 employees and 100,000 students. The network also supports thousands of personal Wi-Fi enabled devices each day. With a wide range of users and technical abilities, the team needed to be able to quickly identify, isolate and solve network and application performance issues before they impacted the district.

DeKalb County Schools found a winning combination for network and application performance monitoring with Visual TruView and the OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet from Fluke Networks. The addition of TruView allowed the district’s network team to establish a performance baseline for comparing abnormal traffic, which helps them address network and application issues proactively and resolve performance anomalies before students or staff are affected. Once the team identifies a problem, the OptiView XG gives team members a portable solution to isolate root cause and fix the problem in the field.

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Key Information Systems Case Study

Key Information Systems Adds Customer Value with Packet-Level Analysis from Visual TruView

Challenge: Key Information Systems is an IT consulting firm and value-added reseller that provides a variety of services to enterprise customers, including on-premise computing, storage and network solutions, cloud-enabled data centers and other Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions.

The company designs IT solutions to meet the most demanding computing environments, including its own. For Key Information Systems, ensuring an optimal network and application performance level isn’t just a good idea, it’s an example of the service and infrastructure the company can develop for its clients. However, when network or application performance problems emerge internally or at customer sites, the IT team had to rely on basic red-light/green-light status updates. Getting detailed transactional data and conducting analysis to solve problems was a painful, time-intensive process for engineers and required troubleshooting with complex tools as they searched to isolate the root cause. The team needed a powerful solution that could not only monitor network and application performance metrics in real time, but also enable the team to dive into packet-level information for deeper analysis from a centralized platform.

Result: Key Information Systems deployed Visual TruView™ from Fluke Networks to gain greater visibility into both internal and customer network and application infrastructures. Using TruView, the company can manage network and application performance across its six locations and ensure delivery of widely used applications, such as Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint®, to staff.

The company also uses TruView to monitor and ensure performance of data center applications and connectivity to hundreds of customers for its co-location facilities. If a problem arises, the IT team can instantly dive into detailed information and analysis (via the centralized UI) of transactional data to isolate the problem and fix it before it affects the customer. Using TruView, the IT team now takes a proactive approach to problem solving instead of simply reacting to customer complaints. This saves the team at Key Information Systems precious troubleshooting time and allows them to improve how well they meet the performance expectations of customers.

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Valdosta State University Case Study

Valdosta State University Ensures Application Performance for Students and Faculty with Visual TruView™ and OptiView® XG

Challenge: Valdosta State University has approximately 12,000 students, as well as 1,200 faculty and staff spread across more than 80 buildings on two primary campuses. The university operates an expansive network and data center that delivers key applications for employees and students, such as VoIP, video, and a business intelligence tool the university uses to run modeling algorithms that predict student success. When problems such as unresponsive or slow applications emerge, end users, staff and other IT teams flood the application team with requests to fix the issue, setting in motion a long, tedious troubleshooting process. Determining whether the network or application is the source of the problem often requires the use of complex testing tools. To streamline this process and eliminate finger pointing, the Valdosta IT team realized it needed a solution that could help it proactively collect and correlate key network and application data, support real-time application monitoring, and expedite root-cause troubleshooting.

Result: After implementing the Fluke Networks OptiView XG® Network Analysis Tablet for inline packet capture and network performance testing, Valdosta State University evaluated and deployed Visual TruView™ as well. TruView enables IT teams to proactively monitor key applications and delivers centralized access to both real-time and historical transactional data when troubleshooting or isolating a possible issue.

Whether dealing with an unresponsive business intelligence tool, library database latency, DHCP server problems, misconfigured firewalls or simply troubleshooting the source of packet loss, TruView gives Valdosta instant visibility into the source of the problem, which reduces troubleshooting time, often from weeks to mere minutes.

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Belgium FPS Health (TruView) Case Study

Visual TruView Eases Troubleshooting Tension and Ambiguity for Belgian Federal Public Service Health

Federal Public Service of Health, Food Chain Safety, and Environment (FPS Health) is a federal public service of Belgium that strives to develop transparent, science-based policy to support all Belgian citizens’ health, while providing a safe food chain and better environment nationwide. FPS Health develops its applications in-house to better address the organization’s specific mission and operational needs. However, performance issues would inevitably arise. These issues, no matter how minor, were hard to troubleshoot because the most important business applications typically consist of multiple integrated data sources.

FPS Health chose Visual TruView™ to solve its IT challenges and resolve the ambiguity associated with technical support calls. As TruView processes network performance analytics, it time-correlates the results, which helps cross-functional IT teams—such as network engineering and application development teams—work more collaboratively and solve problems faster than before without the usual finger-pointing.

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Healthcare IT Success Story

A Q&A with Roger Estelle, Network Manager at Hawaii Health Systems

At Hawaii Health Systems we offer medical services at 13 locations spread throughout the Hawaiian Islands. To better meet the needs of our patients and new healthcare regulations, we transitioned to a new electronic health records (EHR) system. This system now connects more than 4,500 employees via wired and wireless networks, and processes patient data back to a hosting location in New Jersey.

Because of the importance of this system to the providers, and the fact that it relies on a high performance network, we can’t afford to have problems linger. We needed a tool that could instantly troubleshoot both wired and wireless network performance problems and help us isolate root cause fast.

Before getting the OptiView XG®, we use to rely on end point devices, such as a laptop to run ping tests for wireless issues. But then we had nothing to verify coverage or end-to-end connectivity. For the WAN, we actually had to go to individual switches to look at ports and see if we could isolate errors that way.

In other words, it was incredibly time intensive and very manual. And for an organization spread across multiple islands, the term “truck roll” takes on an entirely new meaning. Given that we had already deployed a new records system and upgraded the network, we knew we needed to upgrade our tools as well.

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Everett Clinic Case Study

The Everett Clinic Relies on Visual TruView to Ensure Efficient Healthcare Operations and Quality Patient Care

With eight locations and 25 buildings spread throughout the state of Washington, The Everett Clinic’s mission is to provide the best-coordinated patient care – from the trusted family doctor to the skilled surgeon. To do this across multiple communities, the clinic relies on a variety of critical network applications, including the Epic healthcare software suite that helps The Everett Clinic manage clinical (health care records) and revenue information. The performance of these applications is of great importance, and doctors must be able to access the information they need, when they need it; making sure patients get the level of care they’ve come to expect from the clinic. When a problem does arise, the IT team must be able to quickly identify the source of the problem and fix it before it affects the quality of care or health outcomes.

The Everett Clinic selected Visual TruView to gain instant and complete visibility into application performance for Epic and other critical applications. To visualize performance data, the clinic installed large-screen monitors throughout the clinic to give managers a better real-time view of all patient care applications at a quick glance. If a problem does emerge, TruView instantly notifies the IT team and helps isolate the source of the problem – either the network or specific application – so they can quickly fix it before it affects doctors, patients or staff. The detailed information provided by TruView enables the application team to quickly share network or application performance information with other IT teams (such as architecture, desktop, or business intelligence) when solving problems, working on projects or upgrading systems. If further testing is needed, the IT team uses the OptiView XG to perform in-depth, end-to-end site performance testing to augment the testing already done with Visual TruView.

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Bio-Reference Case Study

Bio-Reference Gets Past the Blame Game and Safeguards 35,000 Daily Medical Samples with Visual TruView and OptiView XG

Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc. provides clinical testing and laboratory services for physician offices with a focus on esoteric testing, molecular diagnostics, anatomical pathology, women’s health, and correctional health care. The company processes more than 35,000 medical specimens each night. To do this effectively, the company relies on a high-performance network that supports various hardware and software applications used in the laboratory sciences. A network delay of just five seconds can have a big impact on processing critical medical tests. And, any network issues or outages can cause serious concerns with test validity, compromising limited medical samples and short turnaround times for immediate diagnosis. Quickly identifying whether a network or application problem exists, and where it exists, is therefore vital to ensuring operational efficiency and testing accuracy at Bio-Reference.

Bio-Reference deployed Visual TruView from Fluke Networks and immediately saw a dramatic reduction in the amount of time required to identify network or application performance problems. By delivering real-time visibility into the network, staff can quickly respond to trouble tickets and resolve lingering issues. No more finger pointing, just quick problem isolation so teams can mobilize to solve the problem. And, with the addition of OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet, IT’s network management capabilities are extended into wireless and remote access networks, presenting an ROI greater than the company expected and delivering true end-to-end network and application performance monitoring.

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Miami-Dade Public Library System

The Miami Dade Public Library System Takes Charge of its Network with Visual TruView™ and OptiView® XG

The Miami–Dade Public Library System (MDPLS) consists of 49 branch locations and two bookmobiles, along with more than 3.8 million books and 150 databases. The library also provides access to more than 2,000 public computers along with free Internet and Wi–Fi access for all. The network and its more than 3,000 user devices are a big draw for library visitors. Library–owned systems, however, are just the beginning. The network also supports as many as 2,000 Bring–Your–Own–Device (BYOD) devices at a time. With a wide range of users and technical abilities, the team needed to be able to troubleshoot from the user perspective to identify and solve issues.

MDPLS found a solution with the Visual TruView™ from Fluke Networks, teamed with two OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablets. TruView detects performance anomalies by creating a baseline to compare abnormal traffic patterns against. This helps MDPLS take proactive measures instead of simply reacting to issues. In most cases, MDPLS can resolve issues before they cause noticeable performance impacts for the library's more than 500 staff and millions of annual visitors. When problems do occur, the MDPLS team has the information needed to quickly isolate and solve the problem.

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FloraHolland - Case Study

FloraHolland Trusts Visual TruView™ to Monitor the Network and Applications Responsible for Auctioning 12.5 Billion Plants and Flowers Each Year

Challenge: FloraHolland is at the center of the international flower trade, selling more than 20,000 different types of plants and flowers at auction and processing $12.5 billion items and $4.4 billion each year. The remarkable size and impact of FloraHolland requires continuous operations with zero tolerance for network performance delays or downtime. FloraHolland recently encountered a response time delay between the database and the auction clock. The delay slowed the clock display information by up to two seconds between each auction, which is far too long in this environment. The IT team needed a mechanism to pinpoint the issue and determine if the root cause lay with the database, application, or network.

Results: Visual TruView™ immediately identified the database as the root cause, as it was taking an extra second or two to process the query and respond. FloraHolland was able to optimize the database and fix the problem without wasted effort reviewing the network and application, since the issue was isolated immediately. The overarching result saves FloraHolland two hours of accumulated delays each year, equaling $200,000 in annual savings and an improved brand image for its operations.

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Southeastern Freight - Case Study

The company installed a Visual TruView™ 4800 at its Columbia, S.C., data center facility to provide 24/7 monitoring of application performance and end-user experience issues.

Southeastern Freight Lines, Inc. provides shipping, transportation, and logistics services throughout 12 states in the Southeastern United States and Puerto Rico. Its 6,600 employees span 83 locations, with primary headquarters in Columbia, S.C. The company’s network supports more than 5,000 applications developed in-house, as well as several third-party applications. Application users can be demanding at Southeastern Freight Lines, given the company’s unwavering commitment to quality and total customer satisfaction. With each user focused on performance, application and network delays are not met with much patience.

Results: Southeastern Freight Lines installed a Visual TruView™ 4800 at its Columbia, S.C., data center facility to provide 24/7 monitoring for application performance and end-user experience issues. The company leverages its Visual TruView installation to identify root causes in network delays and unresponsiveness, which is a high priority that directly impacts the company’s operational quality standards. Since installation, TruView’s advanced monitoring and reporting features have delivered performance intelligence and have been integrated as an enabling technology in the company’s unending process and quality improvement initiatives.

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i2i Infrastructure Insights, Inc. Case Study

Fluke Networks’ Visual TruView™ Provides Unprecedented Visibility into Customer Networks for Dallas-Based Network Consulting Company

i2i Infrastructure Insights is a professional services and network consulting company based in Dallas, Texas. The company provides network guidance, architecture design, and implementation services, as well as network support, IT management and monitoring for a host of clients both in the United States and internationally. With a large client base, including many retail customers that rely on network performance for business operations, i2i was searching for a way to easily gain visibility into massive enterprise networks and the applications running across them, and quickly identify performance issues that could impact workflow and/or productivity.

Results: By utilizing Fluke Networks’ Visual TruView, i2i was not only able to gain complete visibility into its customers’ vast networks and applications, but also able to distill that information more effectively so IT could quickly isolate problems. With the application-level detail provided by TruView, i2i can quickly analyze the network and address any glaring performance or application discrepancies. This enables them to engage in team discussions about ongoing performance issues with real root cause data about either the network or application, which helps increase team productivity and reduce finger pointing. In addition, TruView enables i2i to expand its geographic footprint and service clients around the globe, making remote network monitoring a more streamlined process.

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Cimarex Case Study

National Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Company Uses Fluke Networks’ Visual TruView™ and OptiView® XG to Manage Nationwide Network Needs

Cimarex is a large oil and gas exploration and production company based in Denver, Colorado, with over 1000 employees located across the United States, from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Midland, Texas. With a team of just three engineers, network needs spanning the country, and an average of 600-700 people on the network at any given time, identifying and evaluating delays while providing a quick response time was a key issue for the engineering team. Cimarex needed a solution that could provide visibility into each network center and quickly identify and segregate network issues from application problems, without requiring a vast amount of engineer maintenance.

Fluke Networks Visual TruView™ and OptiView® XG solutions allowed Cimarex to address their responsiveness issues and monitor each network individually, while highlighting any variances in performance. Issues that used to take days to resolve, or were left by the wayside, are now remedied quickly, allowing the engineering team to focus on more productive projects.

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County Tipperary TruView Case Study

Fluke Networks’ Visual TruView Helps Ensure Network and Application Performance Across County Tipperary in Ireland

County Tipperary is one of 32 historical counties in Ireland and home to more than 158,000 residents. Until recently, the county had been administered by two separate authorities: the North Tipperary County Council and South Tipperary County Council. A 2012 government decision to merge the two councils has resulted in the need to create a single, unified IT infrastructure for the county’s services and public-facing websites. When completed in June 2014, the network will include a mix of internal applications, public-facing websites and portals for services such as housing, water, roads, environment, planning and other key local government functions. The county’s IT staff needs visibility into the performance of the network and applications across the entire county to quickly identify and resolve the source of problems.

The €1.8 million IT consolidation project includes the creation of a primary data center and disaster recovery site in the town of Nenagh connecting to 57 remote county offices and sites over a variety of connections (point-to-point, VPN, private DSL, MPLS, etc.). While the network is still being built out, County Tipperary’s IT staff has used Fluke Networks Visual TruView to identify potential issues that could have resulted in perceived performance problems for end users. TruView has already uncovered operational performance issues like balky Exchange servers, while helping to geographically isolate (and rule out) causes for issues like slow user log-ins. That has helped the Tipperary IT Infrastructure team, which is located in the northern part of the county, provide users in the south with the level of service they expect despite the distance separating them.

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GIAL Case Study

IT Provider for the City of Brussels Uses Fluke Networks’ Visual TruView to Monitor Network and Application Performance Across the City

GIAL was created by the city of Brussels to provide and manage their IT services. GIAL also provides IT solutions for other municipal organizations, public administration offices, hospitals and more, throughout the region. Key to their success is the ability to maintain high levels of network and application performance, and to quickly and proactively respond when issues arise. Unfortunately, the Telecom team at GIAL lacked good visibility into the communication flow of the network and the performance of applications. When problems did arise, the team would reactively troubleshoot and struggled to isolate root cause. Furthermore, with no insight into how applications impacted the network, GIAL could not effectively test the rollout of new applications or accurately conduct capacity planning.

To overcome these challenges, GIAL worked closely with the Belgacom Group to select Fluke Networks’ Visual TruView. It delivers a comprehensive application-aware network performance monitoring solution that gives the team complete insight into performance, allowing them to detect and resolve network and application issues quickly, before they impacted end-users. In addition, TruView offers the most comprehensive data capture capabilities, going beyond just SNMP to capture NetFlow, and automatically correlates all information into a single dashboard view so the team can properly plan for system upgrades and test new applications prior to deployment.

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Credit Union TruView Case Study

Large Regional Credit Union uses Fluke Networks’ Visual TruView to Identify Root Cause on Network and Application Issues within 30 Seconds

With more than 20 branches serving close to 100,000 members in the southern U.S., a large regional credit union must keep its network and mission critical applications performing at the highest levels to ensure fast and accurate transaction processing. Yet the credit union’s small IT team lacked the tools necessary to accurately determine whether problems were caused by network or application issues, and struggled to identify the specific root cause. In fact, guesswork and trial and error often could take days to narrow down the problem. The organization needed a solution that would accurately monitor network and application performance to both streamline its IT systems and ensure problems were fixed before they impacted members.

The credit union turned to Fluke Networks’ Visual TruView to improve network and application performance management. As a result, the company has not only been able to quickly pinpoint problems – often within 30 seconds – but has been able to proactively assess and strategically upgrade various portions of its IT infrastructure to forestall future issues network wide.

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Bealls Department Stores Case Study

Bealls Department Stores Uses Fluke Networks’ Visual TruView For Complete Application Performance Visibility

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One of America’s oldest regional family owned retailers, Bealls relies heavily on key in-store applications, business applications and a large e-commerce web presence to meet the needs of customers. Unfortunately, when network or application issues affect these systems, IT has limited insight into where or how the problems emerged. The lack of visibility makes root cause analysis difficult when attempting to isolate and remediate network or application issues. That in turn extends the time it takes to fix problems and restore performance to mitigate the impact on the business. To overcome these challenges, the company needed a comprehensive application-aware network performance monitoring solution that could provide complete visibility into all key systems and applications.

After evaluating several solutions, the company selected Fluke Networks’ Visual TruView. It provided the most comprehensive data capture capabilities combined with a user interface that automatically correlates data so IT can instantly visualize the performance of key sites and applications across the network. When problems do emerge, the networking team can proactively address the issue before it impacts the business by isolating the problem in real-time or sending the necessary report information to the application team for remediation.

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Leading Automotive Company Success Story

Leading Automotive Company Drives Network Success with Visual


  • The automotive company must provide the highest level of network and application quality across 29 countries with both corporate owned and independent companies.
  • The length and severity of poor performance and degraded quality cause high financial and customer service risks for the organization.


  • The automotive company was able to understand normal behavior and detect deviations from baselines so troubleshooting begins sooner.
  • The network team can identify the point of cause with less time and effort so the risk of poor performance is minimized.
  • The IT organization optimized the acceleration system with enhanced visibility and monitoring.

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Shipping, Logistics, and Transportation

The MSC Home Terminal in Antwerp uses Visual TruView™ to Keep Critical Logistics and Shipping Moving


The primary application is based on a central database containing information about all containers and a combination of many smaller programs. Performance issues could have a serious impact on the charging and discharging of cargo from the vessels, trains and trucks.

With Visual TruView™, the IT team was able to have an independent view of overall performance which led to faster problem isolation and troubleshooting, and lessened the risk of service impacting performance related issues.

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Global call center success story

Global Call Center Implements Visual for Better End-to-End Visibility


Even with an experienced network team, the lack of true end-to-end visibility greatly increased fingerpointing and troubleshooting time among different teams – networking, server and application/ developers. Since multiple teams were troubleshooting the same problem, wasted time and resources grew with each issue.

With TruView, the network team has moved from just proving it wasn't the network causing the problem to providing the critical information and analysis to pinpoint the culprit – regardless if it is an application, server or network issue. The system has enabled collaboration between the different teams which has eliminated finger pointing and reduced the time to troubleshooting and solve issues – moving from days/weeks to minutes/hours.

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Grocery Retailer

Large grocery retailer advances its Business Services Management Initiative with Visual Performance Manager from Fluke Networks

A large grocery retailer's IT organization had embarked on a Business Services Management initiative to fulfill application and network performance service level agreements with internal customers. Success depended on acquiring coordinated, end-to-end visibility from the end user's perspective of the infrastructure elements necessary to address requests for service.

Visual enabled a large grocery retailer's IT organization to identify the root cause of problems more quickly and confidently, by promoting the migration away from a network centric analysis, to an approach that focused on transactions from the end-user's perspective. IT personnel worked more cohesively, optimizing anomaly resolution, and IT resource utilization for even better service delivery to end-users.

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Application Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting

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End User Experience Monitoring
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On-demand Webinars

Mandate for Application Awareness in Network Management

For most IT organizations, the health of the network is dependent on recognizing and eliminating performance degradations. Understanding how applications are behaving on the network is critical. Often application performance data commonly comes from disparate tools and technologies, and bringing that data together effectively is too difficult to be practical, until now.


Join EMA Managing Research Director, Jim Frey, and Fluke Networks Sr. Product Manager, David Oliver, to discuss:

  • What is Application-aware Network Performance Management (ANPM) and why you need it.
  • How to bridge the gap between application, server and networking teams to provide greater visibility into:
    • Monitoring and troubleshooting application performance issues.
    • Understanding site utilization to prevent bottlenecks and ensure better capacity planning.

Eliminate War Room Problem Solving: Learn How to Get to Root Cause without the Finger-Pointing

Whether you call it a war room, tiger team or just your regular weekly meeting, IT organizations struggle to understand and agree on problem domain and root cause of application performance issues when faced with uncorrelated data, confrontation and hidden agendas. The toxic war room environment makes it difficult to solve problems quickly and efficiently and breeds long-term cooperation issues between IT teams. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how correlated performance analytics and portable instrumentation that analyzes the wired and wireless infrastructure allows organizations to:


  • Minimize lost revenues from performance degradations
  • Solve problems faster by fostering collaboration across IT silos
  • Eliminate those pesky war room meetings once and for all

10 Gbps Performance and usability Evaluation of Visual Truview™

Fluke Networks commissioned Tolly to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of Visual TruView performance monitoring and troubleshooting at 10Gbps full line rate as well as overall usability of the solution in real-world scenarios.

This session will review the detail of the Tolly test and performance results and include and overview demonstrating how TruView leverages key data sets such as stream-to-disk packet storage, application response time, transactional decode, IPFIX (NetFlow), and SNMP to present analytics through a single reporting interface.


Best Practices for Converging Network and Application Performance Monitoring

Join Enterprise Management Associates Managing Research Director, Jim Frey, and Fluke Networks Director of Product Strategy, Doug Roberts, for a free Webinar that will examine the driving factors, objectives, requirements, and best practices surrounding converged network and application performance management.


You will learn:

  • Ways to leverage converged data for improved efficiency and workflows
  • How advanced analytics can be even more powerful on converged data sets
  • Using converged data for more effective cross-team communication and collaboration
  • TCO benefits of converged approaches
  • And more...


Product Reviews and Awards


»Fluke Networks has been named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics for the second year in row.
»Fluke Networks on our list of Top 10 Most Popular APM Solutions of 2014

» Visual TruView was ranked the best Hybrid ANPM Solution and a Value Leader for large enterprise and service provider deployments, according to the new 2013 Application-aware Network Performance Management (ANPM) Radar Report from Enterprise Management Associates, a leading industry analyst firm. The report evaluated 24 vendors including NetScout, Riverbed/OpNet and CA Technologies.

» Fluke Networks AANPM Solution Wins Two 2014 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Awards



» Network Products Guide awarded Visual TruView the Gold winner of the 8th Annual 2013 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards in the Most Innovative IT Hardware Category. These awards are decided based on industry and peer recognition and voting by a broad group of information technology professionals.

» The Datacentre Solutions Awards reward the products, projects and services as well as honour companies and teams operating in datacentre fields. The DCS Awards recognise the achievements of end-users, channel partners and vendors alike and in the case of the end-user category there was also an award made to the supplier who nominated the winning organisation. Winners are selected by public vote.


» China Enterprise Networking & Communications Award


»Visual TruView, Communications Solutions Product of the Year, TMC



» "We lacked visibility into network and app performance, so we chose Visual Truview to proactively manage our network".




» “Fluke Networks’ Visual TruView Provides Deeper Insight Into Complex Networks” - Read the hands on independent review of Visual TruView by Frank Ohlhorst, of eWeek.




» Network Computing UK conducted an independent review of Visual TruView.  This report outlines their findings and impressions.




Tolly Test Report» Tolly Independent Performance Certification: Fluke Networks Visual TruView Performance Monitoring & Troubleshooting







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TruView Beats The Competition


TruView delivers 5 capabilities in one single appliance without the need to add-on modules or the expense of additional products..