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Application Aware Network Performance Management (AANPM) is an emerging method of monitoring, troubleshooting, and analyzing both network and application systems.
Modern IT Organizations need a way to guarantee the delivery of applications that drive the growth and success of the business.

Historically, Network Management Systems have been network infrastructure focused, while Application Performance Management Systems center on the performance and analysis of applications and servers. The complex issues facing business application systems today drive the need for management platforms to broaden their visibility horizons to include both network and application analytics. Data must be correlated to enable network engineers to quickly locate problems, regardless of their source - network or server, wire or wireless, physical or virtual, local or remote, real-time or back-in-time, client or cloud.

Application Aware Network Performance Management (AANPM) effectively leverages key data points from both methodologies, creating a system with cross-platform visibility, enabling all branches of IT to ensure high performance delivery of critical business applications.


Fluke Networks Visual TruView is recognized by Enterprise Management Associates Application-aware Network Performance Management Radar Report released in 2013. Visual TruView was ranked the best Hybrid Application Network Performance Management Solution and a Value Leader for large enterprise and service provider deployments. For a detailed look at the Radar Report and to read the 2014 Impact Brief titled “Taking end-to-End Application Aware Network Performance Management to a New Level” click here.

Visual TruView is a single appliance that embeds all data sources required for Application Aware Network Performance Management (AANPM) solution. TruView delivers monitoring and analysis capability to both the application and network environments in real-time and back-in-time. Using stream-to-disk packet storage, application response time analytics, IPFIX (NetFlow), SNMP, critical performance data is collected and correlated to provide engineers the breadth and depth of visibility they need to find root cause as quickly as possible. Unique to Fluke Network’s Application Aware Network Performance Management solution, is the added ability to monitor and troubleshoot the wireless infrastructure as well as support remote locations where more in-depth visibility is needed through a portable form factor. Providing capability that extends beyond the boundaries of the Application Aware Network Performance Management definition.

Deployment Flexibility

Application-Centric Visibility

Network Engineers have been increasingly able to prove it’s not the network when a problem strikes, but have had difficulty in assisting with troubleshooting efforts into the application system. With Application Aware Network Performance Management, engineers are given the application performance data they need to identify when a user is experiencing poor response time and what application component is contributing to the delay. Actionable details can be shared with the application team to show them what led up to the problem at the time of the degradation and exactly which component needs attention. The solution auto-discovers applications, creating performance baselines from the actual packets, which greatly simplifies configuration.

Network-Centric Visibility

Today, networks are getting more complicated. With the proliferation of virtualization into the network infrastructure, Bring Your Own Device or BYOD, and cloud-based services, Network Engineers need to get ahead of the visibility challenges presented by these technologies. Since problems can occur anywhere and at any time along a network path, from the wireless environment, across the WAN, through the core and into the data center, Engineers can utilize both portable and fixed components of the solution to troubleshoot end-to-end and everything in between.

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  See how Fluke Networks AANPM Solution can keep your team out of the War Room  
See how Fluke Networks AANPM Solution can keep your team out of the War Room
  Fluke Networks recognized as Best Hybrid ANPM Solution by EMA  
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Enterprise Best in Class Application Aware Network Performance Management (AANPM)
Learn how Fluke Networks Application Aware Network Performance Management is flexible, intelligent and complete. The Fluke Networks approach to Application Aware Network Performance Management leaves no visibility stone unturned, providing Network and Application Engineers the data they need to resolve problems as soon as, if not before, they strike.
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Where’s the problem? Solving performance issues faster with Application Aware Network Performance Management:
Networks and applications are so interlinked that it can be difficult to find out what’s causing a performance problem. It gets even harder when you add in virtualisation, cloud services and BYOD. Application Aware Network Performance Management (AANPM) takes an application-centric view of everything happening across the network, from the desktop to the datacenter.
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