AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer

AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer

Anytime, Anywhere, WLAN Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Real-time accurate, independent and reliable analysis of 802.11a/b/g/n and ac* WLANs
  • Highly portable solution that travels to the source of the WLAN problems enabling faster and accurate fault-finding
  • Dedicated troubleshooting solution guaranteeing any WLAN fault detection as compared to “time-slicing monitoring functionality” built inside the WLAN infrastructure
  • Reduce IT costs, simplify workload and minimize user complaints by obtaining instant answers to ANY WLAN connectivity, performance, roaming, interference** and security issues using the AirWISE intelligence engine
  • Unique active toolset to isolate and troubleshoot connectivity and performance issues
  • Strengthen your WLAN security by detecting and eliminating any threats and vulnerabilities
  • Maximize current-generation 3 X 3 802.11n efficiencies and investment
  • Auditor-ready compliance reporting for multiple verticals including PCI, SOX, ISO and many more
  • Troubleshoot BYOD induced performance and security issues

*802.11ac detection and analysis is achieved using currently supported 802.11n adapters. Please refer to 802.11ac Detection and Analysis section under Features.

**Interference detection and analysis from both Wi-Fi and non Wi-Fi sources can be performed. Please refer to Complete Wi-Fi Interference Detection & Analysis section under Features.

Note: 1st year Gold support is required and must be purchased separately. Click here to read more about Gold support.

FeaturesBasic Features in
Express and PRO
What More Can
You Do in PRO?
See Wi-Fi Devices
  • See all 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi devices
  • Detection and Classification of Smart Devices
  • Automatically identify and group virtual APs
  • Detection of device in non-standard channels
  • Detection of 4.9 GHz devices
  • Scan 200+ channels in 5GHz spectrum
  • Simultaneous channel scanning based on multi-adapter support (Max. 3)
Automated Analysis - Network and Security Problems
  • Performance and reliability alarms
  • Expert analysis and explanation of each alarm
  • Rogue AP detection
  • Detection of improper security settings
  • Automated analysis of 11n security and performance issues.
  • Detection of intrusions, hacking tools and DoS attacks (40+ addtl. security alarms)
  • Detailed, professional security and regulatory compliance reports
  • QoS and voice analysis
  • How To Guide for common 11n problems
Active Troubleshooting Tools
  • Find tool for tracking down any Wi-Fi device
  • One-touch Connection Audit tool to verify network connectivity and application performance
Complete suite of 16 active testing and troubleshooting tools including:
  • 11n efficiency measurements
  • 802.11n analysis diagnostics
  • Connection Diagnostic tool
  • 802.11n performance calculator
  • 802.11 throughput simulator
  • Signal quality analysis
  • Roaming and jitter analysis
  • iPerf performance testing
    Wi-Fi Traffic and Device Analysis
    • Device and channel utilization
    • Wireless frame decodes
    • Upper-layer protocol decoding
    • Frame and Traffic summary (Data vs Mgmt frames)
    • Basic traffic stats (signal, noise, retries)
    • PHY data rate monitoring up to 450 Mbps
    • Twice as many diagnostic charts
    • Frame and traffic detail - probes, beacons, acks
    • Twice as many available traffic stats (% errors, utilization by media, etc)
    • View live frame details without stopping capture
    • Multiple channel simultaneous frame capture and decodes
    • Dedicated WLAN Client roaming analysis screen
    Interference Analysis
    • Basic visibility into signal and noise in the environment
    • Aggregate channel interference scoring
    • Dedicated Interference Analysis page
    • Integration with AirMagnet Spectrum XT, AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer, Fluke Networks AnalyzeAir & Cisco Spectrum Expert*
    • Multipath detection
    • Hidden node analysis by channel
    Summary and Reporting
    • Connection audit report
    • Basic chart of the top devices only
    • Top talker charts for APs, stations and channels
    • 50+ security, performance and device reports
    • Professional Compliance Reports for major regulations
    On-site/off-site Troubleshooting capability
    • On-premise (local) troubleshooting capability.
    • Remote troubleshooting capability as well.

    Note: Capture to disk capability, Roaming Analysis, Compliance Reports are disabled. Diagnostic and 802.11n tools are the only WiFi tools supported in this mode.