AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer

AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer

Anytime, Anywhere, WLAN Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Real-time accurate, independent and reliable analysis of 802.11a/b/g/n and ac* WLANs
  • Highly portable solution that travels to the source of the WLAN problems enabling faster and accurate fault-finding
  • Dedicated troubleshooting solution guaranteeing any WLAN fault detection as compared to “time-slicing monitoring functionality” built inside the WLAN infrastructure
  • Reduce IT costs, simplify workload and minimize user complaints by obtaining instant answers to ANY WLAN connectivity, performance, roaming, interference** and security issues using the AirWISE intelligence engine
  • Unique active toolset to isolate and troubleshoot connectivity and performance issues
  • Strengthen your WLAN security by detecting and eliminating any threats and vulnerabilities
  • Maximize current-generation 3 X 3 802.11n efficiencies and investment
  • Auditor-ready compliance reporting for multiple verticals including PCI, SOX, ISO and many more
  • Troubleshoot BYOD induced performance and security issues

*802.11ac detection and analysis is achieved using currently supported 802.11n adapters. Please refer to 802.11ac Detection and Analysis section under Features.

**Interference detection and analysis from both Wi-Fi and non Wi-Fi sources can be performed. Please refer to Complete Wi-Fi Interference Detection & Analysis section under Features.

Note: 1st year Gold support is required and must be purchased separately. Click here to read more about Gold support.


AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer automatically detects and alerts the user to dozens of wireless intrusions, penetration attempts and hacking strategies including rogue devices, “stumbler tools”, devices sending unencrypted data and a host of potentially damaging security configurations. These proactive measures enable IT to take corrective action before a problem occurs. The PRO version additionally detects sophisticated wireless attacks against the network. The AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer Find tool locks onto rogue or policy violating APs or stations and guides the user to their physical location.

Even the most secure network will fail to meet its objectives if it does not reliably meet the demands of network users. Furthermore, certain performance issues can escalate and open up the network to unknown risks. For this reason, AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer includes over 50 alerts to identify an entire range of performance issues including traffic patterns, bandwidth utilization, device configuration issues and infrastructure or hardware failures or resets.