LinkRunner™ Network Multimeter

Quickly verify network drops with the essential personal tool.
  • Interested in advanced features - AutoTest, TCP connectivity, PoE loading, IPv6 support, nearest switch information and reports? Look at the LinkRunner AT Network Auto-Tester
  • Link - Determine whether the drop is active, identify its speed, duplex capabilities and service type. 10/100 Mbps
  • Ping - Verify connectivity to key devices.
  • Cable verification - Multiple tests help you quickly determine if cable is the problem.
  • Cable identification - Document unmarked segments, saving you hours of troubleshooting time.
  • Improved efficiency - Speed up the escalation process by identifying physical or link layer problems.

An essential, personal tool to quickly verify network connectivity and availability
As networks run faster and become more complex, infrastructure cabling and devices must operate to precise levels in a tighter performance window. As a result, nearly 80% of network problems stem from simple wiring and connection problems.

Front-line technicians are the first line of defense against problems in the physical and link layers of the network. LinkRunner improves your troubleshooting and escalation accuracy by helping you to quickly identify if a problem is the network or the PC NIC.