Fluke Networks Tap Group

Tap Solutions

Provide reliable and secure access to network traffic without compromising network performance.
  • Copy traffic running through a network and send that traffic to network traffic analyzers and probes that improve network efficiency and security.
  • Found in large data networks in virtually every industry vertical.
  • Provide permanent ports for network, application and security analysis solutions.
  • Improve the performance of network, application and security solutions
  • Decrease the MTTR thru faster resolution of network, application and security issues.
  • Increase the ROI of network traffic analyzers and probes.
  • Decrease the reliance on switch and router resources for network traffic visibility.
  • Fluke Networks is now selling VSS Monitoring Taps. Learn More


A Tap solution is a system designed to copy traffic running through a computer network and send that traffic to probes and network traffic analyzers to improve network efficiency or security. Fluke Networks’ Taps feature industry-leading innovation and unsurpassed quality. Our Tap solutions are suitable for numerous IT groups including network operations, network engineering, information security, quality assurance, web analytics and application analysis.

Taps are available in numerous configurations to support all network access strategies and objectives. These configurations include:

  • Inline taps
    • Copper and fiber
  • Inline aggregation taps
    • Non-filter and filtering
  • Span taps
    • Non-filter, filtering and switching
  • Combination inline and span taps
    • Single and dual link


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