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Provide reliable and secure access to network traffic without compromising network performance.

  • Copy traffic running through a network and send that traffic to network traffic analyzers and probes that improve network efficiency and security.
  • Found in large data networks in virtually every industry vertical.
  • Provide permanent ports for network, application and security analysis solutions.
  • Improve the performance of network, application and security solutions
  • Decrease the MTTR thru faster resolution of network, application and security issues.
  • Increase the ROI of network traffic analyzers and probes.
  • Decrease the reliance on switch and router resources for network traffic visibility.
  • Fluke Networks is now selling VSS Monitoring Taps. Learn More
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A Tap solution is a system designed to copy traffic running through a computer network and send that traffic to probes and network traffic analyzers to improve network efficiency or security. Fluke Networks’ Taps feature industry-leading innovation and unsurpassed quality. Our Tap solutions are suitable for numerous IT groups including network operations, network engineering, information security, quality assurance, web analytics and application analysis.

Taps are available in numerous configurations to support all network access strategies and objectives. These configurations include:

  • Inline taps
    • Copper and fiber
  • Inline aggregation taps
    • Non-filter and filtering
  • Span taps
    • Non-filter, filtering and switching
  • Combination inline and span taps
    • Single and dual link


Models & Accessories
Model Number/Name Description
Inline Taps
TAP-100Single-port Copper Tap 10/100Mbps
TAP-10/100/100010/100/Gigabit Copper Tap Kit
TAP-1000BT-SXSingle-port Copper Tap 1000Mbps, 1000BASE-SX output
FTAP-62-50Single-port Fiber Tap, 62.5 micron Multimode 50/50 split
FTAP-50-50Single-port Fiber Tap, 50 micron Multimode 50/50 split
FTAP-50-50-10GSingle-port Fiber Tap, 50 micron Multimode 50/50 split 10 Gig
FTAP-9-50Single-port Fiber Tap, 9 micron Singlemode 50/50 split
FTAP-9-50-10GSingle-port Fiber Tap, 9 micron Multimode 50/50 split 10 Gig
Inline Aggregating Taps
ATAP-102Single-port dual output Copper Aggregating Tap 10/100Mbps No Injection
ATAP-100Single-port dual output Copper Aggregating Tap 10/100Mbps
Span Aggregating Taps
ASTAP-100Dual-port dual output Copper Aggregating Span Tap 10/100Mbps
AXSTAP-10SFP10 port any-to-any SPAN aggregation tap (10SFP)
AXSTAP-8BTx2SFP10 port any-to-any SPAN aggregation (8BT & 2SFP)
Combination Single Link Taps
AXTAP1204BT-BTIn line 10/100/1000 Copper tap with 2 copper any-to-any ports
AXTAP1204BT-SFPIn line 10/100/1000 Copper tap with 2 SFP any-to-any ports
AXTAP1204LX-SFPIn line LX fiber tap with 2 SFP any-to-any ports
AXTAP1210LX-BTIn line LX fiber tap with 8 copper any-to-any ports
Combination Dual Link Taps
AXTAP2206BT-BTDual link in line Copper tap with 2 copper any-to-any ports
AXTAP2206SX-SFPDual link in line SX fiber tap with 2 SFP any-to-any ports
AXTAP2206LX-SFPDual link in line LX fiber tap with 2 SFP any-to-any ports
AXTAP2210BT-BT/SFPDual link in line 10/100/1000 copper tap with 6 any-to-any ports (4 BT & 2 SFP)
Model Number/Name Description
TAP-RMK-21U 2Bay Rack mount kit
TAP-RMK-31U 3Bay Rack Mount kit
TAP-RMK-144U 14Bay Rack Mount kit
SFP-RJ4510/100/Gig Copper SFP Transceiver
MS-SXOptical transceiver module, SFP, SX, 1G, 850 nm
MS-LXOptical transceiver module, SFP, LX, 1G, 1300 nm

Refer to the datasheets for specifications by model.


Taps models featuring SFP transceivers


SFP transceivers are not included with the Tap.  SFP transceivers must be purchased separately from the Tap.


Compatible transceivers
ApplicationModelFluke Networks Model
10/100/1000BASE-TFinisar FCLF-8521-3SFP-RJ45 (3591446)
Methode DM7041-R 
1000BASE-SX 850nmFinisar FTLF8519P2BNLMS-SX (3041397)
Stratos SPLC-20-F-1-D 
1000BASE-LX 1310nmStratos SPLC-20-4D-2-B-R6MS-LX (3041385)
Stratos SPLC-20-4-2M-B-R6 
10Gig SR SFP 850nmFinisar FTLX8511D3XFP-SR (3851836)
10Gig SR SFP 1310nmFinisar FTLX1412D3BCLXFP-LR (3851851)

*1000BASE-SX/LX only


Data sheets
Combination Inline Span Tap Datasheet
Download PDF
497.1 KB
Inline Aggregating Tap Datasheet
Download PDF
578.68 KB
Inline Tap Datasheet
Download PDF
480.74 KB
Span Tap Datasheet
Download PDF
569.82 KB
White papers
Deploying Network TAPS For Improved Security White Paper
Learn how a combination of network security probes and network TAPs can improve visibility and redundancy, while reducing solution complexity and cost.
Download PDF
416.61 KB
Gain flexibility Combination taps - Whitepaper
Gain flexibility to data access options with Combination taps - Whitepaper
Download PDF
743.96 KB
Network Monitoring and Analysis Techniques Using Taps and SPAN Switches
Network Monitoring and Analysis Techniques Using Taps and SPAN Switches
Download PDF
902.13 KB
Gold Product Support

Gold Support is Fluke Networks annual maintenance package and offers you great value for your investment. Membership ensures you never have to experience downtime, and give you 24/7 technical assistance.

Replacement Unit - Should your Fluke Networks Tap solution fail, a new or refurbished replacement tap will be provided within 5- business days within the U.S., 4-business days plus transit time for Non-US units. The replacement tap will be kept by you the Gold Member, and your defective tap will be returned to Fluke Networks, with all shipping costs covered by Fluke Networks.

Access to live 24 x 7 technical support - Unlimited 24/7 technical expertise with local language support. Gold members are provided with direct members-only priority phone numbers to our world-class Technical Assistance Centers (TAC) which employs a full staff of highly trained technical experts that are on call, including weekends and through the night.

Unlimited Access to Knowledge Base - Members have an open door to valuable proprietary information we’ve gathered from helping customers over the years. It also includes helpful technical articles written by our experts.

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Easy Access to Gold Entitlements - Upon purchase, your company will receive a unique Gold Support Membership Number and PIN for secure access to your Gold account.

Ensure that you are getting the most out of your Tap Solutions with Gold Support Services.

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