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ClearSight™ Analyzer

Application-centric protocol analysis software that gives quick answers to application performance problems

  • Protocol analysis engine for the Visual TruView™ Network Time Machine and the OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet
  • Real-time application performance monitoring and protocol analysis with alarms for problem identification
  • Time-based application protocol analysis for trace files up to 4 Gigabytes to quickly identify relevant packets for the application-centric view
  • Real-time statistical analysis, bounce charts and reports for flows on single or multiple segments -  to analyze issues quickly
  • Video and voice call status, QoS analysis and playback
  • User customizable application protocol analysis report
  • Supports Wireshark® decode engine
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The award-winning ClearSight Analyzer(CSA) offers advanced application-centric performance monitoring and protocol analysis, enabling enterprise Network Administrators and Engineers to maintain, diagnose, and resolve application and network performance issues in multi-protocol network environments. The ClearSight Analyzer application protocol analysis engine supports the most commonly used protocols, and users can import Wireshark decodes to take advantage of protocol decodes contributed from the open-source community – making the ClearSight application analyzer the most versatile protocol analysis engine in the market.

"I use Fluke Network's ClearSight Analyzer which helps me monitor and find solutions to applications that run into any issues or problems. This tool is great for troubleshooting day to day problems!"
Catherine N.
Toronto, ON CA

The award-winning ClearSight Analyzer(CSA) offers advanced application-centric performance monitoring and protocol analysis, enabling enterprise Network Administrators and Engineers to maintain, diagnose, and resolve application and network performance issues in multi-protocol network environments. The ClearSight application protocol analysis engine supports the most commonly used protocols, and users can import Wireshark decodes to take advantage of protocol decodes contributed from the open-source community – making the ClearSight application analyzer the most versatile protocol analysis engine in the market.



Application-centric Protocol Analysis

Through a simple and intuitive front page, application protocol analysis engine presents a comprehensive high-level overview of health of applications on your network. From that framework, you can drill down to gain access to more detailed information. As an example, you can display all the activity for HTTP application, then drill down to see activities on each server, and further down to the server flow to observe the actual media content of the flow. This unparalleled level of control and visibility speeds time to application problem resolution and minimize overall network downtime.

Application Summary View


Ladder Chart




Time-based Trend Analysis

Time-based analysis to identify problems quickly

Analyzing large capture files can be difficult because there is just too much information to sort through. The ClearSight Analyzer application protocol analysis engine provides a time-based analysis of capture files providing detailed statistics and trending information.  You can drill down in time to look at adjacent events during the time of interest. For video and voice traffic running SIP or H.323, the application protocol analysis engine can classify the video and voice RTP streams based on their quality score, MOS or VQFactor.  It will provide detailed statistics of the SIP or H.323 call status and quality of calls. You can select one or more of the RTP streams to be extracted for detailed analysis or replay.  Additional analysis is available for HTTP, listing tables clients by server or vice-versa along with specific URLs accessed and error codes. With this analysis, users can identify the problems quickly, without drilling into packet decodes.

QoS analysis of SIP VoIP call

HTTP statistics

Trending volume of connections

Triple Play Ready

The rapid development and deployment of broadband networks implementing telephone, video streaming, and conventional data communications over common IP infrastructure presents immediate real-time challenges for service providers. The ClearSight Analyzer application protocol analysis engine provides powerful real-time and post analysis of Triple-Play networks and applications.

ClearSight Analyzer Triple-Play Applications

  • VoIP network troubleshooting
  • VoIP pre-deployment testing
  • Service level measurement and monitoring for IP telephony and video streaming services
  • Network baselining for network capacity planning and future investment

Understanding the usage of each application at a glance - Triple-Play usage report

The Triple-Play usage report gives a graphic view of the usage of IP phone (telephony), video streaming (entertainment), and data applications. A user can display the trend of the application distribution for a specified period of time.




VoIP Analysis and QoS Report

ClearSight Analyzer is an easy to use analyzer for realtime or post-capture VoIP and voice quality assessment.



- ClearSight Analyzer generates QoS report for a VoIP call simply by selecting the desired call and clicking the [Report] tab.

- The QoS report includes analysis of voice quality parameters (including packet loss, jitter, R-value, and MOS) stated as VQFactor™ and MDI for a video stream.

Content Playback

ClearSight Analyzer can recreate audio and video content from flows either during real-time monitoring or from a trace-file. In addition Exchange EMAIL, Fax over IP, Instant Messages and HTTP-base web pages can also be reconstructed. This is very valuable as proof of compliance violation or visualization of multimedia quality.

Video Playback

Email Playback


Replay FAX contents.
FAX contents can be exported in TIFF format if desired.

Powerful Filtering

ClearSight Analyzer supports not just simple address and protocol filters, but also filters based on application commands, IP subnets, data patterns, and other criteria.

Complex conditions can be specified with ease by freely adding and combining filter conditions using AND, OR, and NOT operators while viewing the setting panel. Once specified, a filter definition can be saved with an assigned name, and then reused at a later time for capture or trace file display.

Filtering condition can be used for packet capture, packet extraction as well as display filter during packet analysis.


Unique Multi-Segment Analysis

The ClearSight Analyzer's ladder views (also known as application bounce chart) reveal conversations between client and server(s) in the application command language without having to decode packets manually. This application protocol analysis engine provides an extremely powerful way to understand protocol interactions between various network elements. The ClearSight Analyzer application protocol analysis engine supports most of the commonly used capture file formats. It can take in packets captured from up to four locations of the network and merge them to provide a multi-segment ladder chart. This allows timing issue to be isolated quickly by segment for root cause analysis. Combined with the rich power decode feature of CSA, it gives network engineer and application analyst the tools to end finger pointing.

CSA-1045 Option: History Reporter, Packet Generator, and Multicast Visualization

The CSA-1045 adds three powerful features to the CSA-1000: History Reporter, Packet Generator, and Multicast Visualization.


Historic Reporter

The ClearSight Analyzer application protocol analysis engine provides a large inventory of standard reports in charts and tables format showing statistics and performance for network traffic, servers, and applications. CSA generates reports from real-time data or trace files. This application-centric protocol analysis software generates QoS reports for voice and video traffic, showing quantities such as jitter, latency, packet loss, MOS, J-MOS, R-value, and video quality factor. Elements of these reports can be easily combined to produce custom reports.

  • The report can be customized as required.
  • The report can be saved in html, pdf, or rtf format using the export function.
  • Trending data can be exported to CSV file for further analysis or report generation with 3rd party applications 

Click here to download reports samples.

Packet Generator

A versatile traffic generator allows you to perform network load testing and traffic reproduction testing. Two modes are supported: packet mode (in which a specified packet is sent repeatedly) or in buffer mode (in which traffic from one or more trace files are replayed on the network).

Multicast Visualization

The ClearSight Analyzer application protocol analysis engine has ability to analyze multicast traffic for IPTV found in many service providers today. It automatically groups Multicast stream and show server/clients for each multicast stream.

It provide Channel Zapping Analysis that reviews IPTV Channel Change Latency (time from channel change command arrived to current channel signal cease) , Channel Gap (time with no channel signal feed when changing channel) and Channel Overlap (noisy screen when changing channel). It also shows Client based visualization of multicast streams, showing how a user zaps several TV channels.


Models & Accessories

Model Number/Name Description
ClearSight Analyzer Software
CSN/CSA-1000 Gold Support:
GLD-SW-10001 year of Gold Support Software Maintenance for CSA-1000
GLD-SW-1000-3YR3 years of Gold Support Software Maintenance for CSA-1000
ClearSight Analyzer Software on CD
CSN/CSA-1000CD Gold Support:
GLD-SW-10001 year of Gold Support Software Maintenance for CSA-1000
GLD-SW-1000-3YR3 years of Gold Support Software Maintenance for CSA-1000
CSA W/IP Multicast/History Rprt/Packet Gen
CSN/CSA-1045 Gold Support:
GLD-SW-10451 year of Gold Support Services Software Maintenance for CSA-1045
GLD3-SW-10453 years of Gold Support Services Software Maintenance for CSA-1045
CSA W/IP Multicast/History Rprt/Packet Gen on CD
CSN/CSA-1045CD Gold Support:
GLD-SW-10451 year of Gold Support Services Software Maintenance for CSA-1045
GLD3-SW-10453 years of Gold Support Services Software Maintenance for CSA-1045
IP Multicast Visualization, Hist Reporter, and Packet Gen for CSA


System Requirements

ItemMinimum Requirement
ComputerIndustry standard computer system (laptop or desktop), with a CD drive for software installation
ProcessorPentium 4 (or equivalent) running at 1 GHz minimum(2 GHz recommended)
RAM512 MB minimum (1 GB recommended)
2 GB minimum if running Windows Vista or Windows 7 Professional
Hard Disk Space40 GB hard drive with at least 15 GB of available space
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows XP Home Edition with SP3. (Disable the firewall)
Microsoft Windows XP Professional with SP3. (Disable the firewall)
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (32 and 64 bit)
Microsoft Windows 8.x Professional
MonitorVGA color monitor with 1024 x 768 resolution and 16 colors
Network AdapterNetwork connection with NDIS-compliant network device driver


ClearSight Analyzer directly supports more than 350 protocols and the integration of WireShark decodes, now at version 1.12.3, which increases the total protocol supported to more than 1,000.  Below is just a short list of protocols supported.  The full list can be downloaded here.   


CategoryProtocols/Codecs Supported
Non-VoIP ApplicationsDNS, HTTP, FTP, TELNET, Citrix, POP3, SMTP, Exchange, ISAKMP, KERBEROS, MS SQL, Oracle, SMB, AIM, BOOTP, Gopher, Media Player, Napster, NETBIOS, NFS, NNTP, QuickTime, RIP, RIPNG, SNMP, TFTP, X Windows, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Skype
VoIP ProtocolsH.323 (H.225, H.245, RAS), SIP (RFC 3261, T.38 Fax over IP), SCCP (Skinny), MEGACO/ H.248, MGCP
Media ProtocolRTP, RTCP, RTSP
Audio CodecsG.711 (μ-law and a-law), G.721, G.722, G.723 mono, G.726, G.729, GSM mono, 4-bit mono DVI 8 KHz, 11.025 KHz, 22.05 KHz, MPEG layer (I, II-TS, III, IV), iLBC, AMR (GSM, 3GPP), ASF
Supported Video CodecsH.261, H.263 (mode A and B), JPEG (411, 422, 111), MPEG4, H.264
Mobile ProtocolSupport for 3G-324M and LTE the umbrella protocol for video telephony in 3G/4G mobile networks
EOAM DecodeEthernet OAM frames in both ITU and IEEE format





Data Sheets

Title/Description Download  
ClearSight Analyzer Data Sheet
Download PDF
2.91 MB
Clearsight Analyzer Gold Benefits Flyers
Clearsight Analyzer Gold Benefits Flyers
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Title/Description Download  
Fluke Networks´ Solution Catalog
68 page guide to selection and ordering Fluke Networks´ Solutions and Products
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Application Notes

Title/Description Download  
How to Merge Trace Files With ClearSight Analyzer
Download PDF
999.59 KB
OneTouch™ AT / ClearSight™ Troubleshooting and Analysis Kit
Download PDF
SIP Interoperability Troubleshooting Application Note
Download PDF
1.17 MB
Troubleshooting VoIP Problems with the Power of Multi-Tier and Multi-Segment Analysis
Download PDF
1.86 MB
Troubleshooting with the Power of Multi-Tier Analysis
Download PDF
899.08 KB
Using ClearSight Analyzer to troubleshoot the top 5 VoIP problems and troubleshoot streaming video
Download PDF
2.97 MB
Using the Packet Generator to perform VoIP Pre-deployment Testing Application Note
Download PDF
1.27 MB

White Papers

Title/Description Download  
Application Centric Analysis White Paper
Application-Centric Analysis Helps Maximize the Value of Wireshark
Download PDF
3.81 MB
Miercom Lab Test Report for ClearSight Analyzer
Download PDF
354.74 KB
Testing DNS Servers Using ClearSight Packet Generator
Download PDF
812.26 KB
Guide To Deploying And Troubleshooting Video In The Enterprise
Download PDF
1.77 MB

Case Studies

Lakeland Christian School Case Study

Lakeland Christian School Empowers Hands-on Learning with the OneTouch AT™ Network Assistant from Fluke Networks

At most schools, the first bell of the day is a reminder for students to report to class, but times are changing. Students at Lakeland Christian School (LCS) hear the first bell and immediately connect 300 wired and 1,000 mobile devices to the school’s network. The combination of this sudden influx in traffic with several misconfigured switches ground network performance to a halt. LCS needed better visibility into its network to address these performance issues and ensure continuous, hands-on learning for its students.

Lakeland Christian School turned to Fluke Networks and the OneTouch AT Network Assistant loaded with ClearSight Analyzer. With the OneTouch AT, LCS identified misconfigured network switches to resolve persistent and intermittent problems across its wired and wireless networks. The network is now properly configured and delivering the performance needed to deliver on the LCS tradition of excellence across academics, athletics and the arts.

Read full story...

China Telecom

China Telecom’s Operation & Maintenance center had problem isolating the root cause of poor video and voice quality that occured during deployment of video conference service for a key customer. ClearSight Analyzer’s ability to capture and analyze video and voice quality, provided the visibility needed to quickly isolate the problem to customer side network problem.

Read full story...

Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute

As Japan's leading research institution, JAERI was involved in establishing technologies for atomic energy and in the overall advancement of science and technology. Its research involved study of radiation, and leading-edge basic research where massive amount of data was generated and distributed to various R&D centers across the country.

The ClearSight Analyzer is used in the backbone network that forms the core of the JAERI network.  The benefits of installing the ClearSight Analyzer were not just limited to the core network but extended to enable network management to concentrate on ensuring the stable operation of all of JAERI's networks.


Read full story ...

Leopalace 21

As growth in Leopalace 21's business increases the number of offices and employees, the Japanese company's IT department needs to minimize system shutdowns due to servers or network faults. Needing a tool that is easy to use and provide clear visualization of traffic issues, the company chose the ClearSight Analyzer for the job.

In addition to reducing the time to recover from system faults, the company was able to improve security by integrating processes ranging from network monitoring to analysis.

We talk to Shigeru Kanasugi, deputy manager of the IT department, and section manager Tomohisa Isokawa about why they introduced the analyzer and how it is used in practice.

Read full story ...


Gold Product Support

Fluke Networks' Gold Support Program for ClearSight Analyzer (CSA) ensures that you can maximize CSA to fully leverage your protocol analysis.

Gold Support is the only way to make the most of your purchase with the latest software releases and access to our comprehensive support resources.

What do you get with Gold Support for ClearSight Analyzer?

Software upgrades - Your ClearSight Analyzer software will never be out of date. You'll receive all software upgrades released during the term of your support contract - the only way to receive them and keep CSA updated. 


Recent Key Releases




Release date




Jumbo Frames Support


Sort connection by start time in flow view


Launching external decode engine


T.6 decode and 3G-324M playback & decode


Windows 7 (32 bits) x 
LTE Protocol Decode x 
Intelligent Protocol Forcing 


Go to Trigger Frame 


Trace file split tool



Nano second PCAP file 


Windows 7 (64 bits)   x
Traffic statistic for trace files larger than file size threshold of CSA   x
- SIP, H.323, RTP quality and call analysis   x
- HTTP client/server traffic statistic analysis   x
- List conversation matrix, top host by time range   x 
- Trend level 2/3 traffic statistics   x 
Update Wireshark Engine Version x xx

Access to live 24 x 7 technical support - Gold Support includes direct, immediate telephone access to our world-class Technical Assistance Center (TAC), access only available to Gold Members.  Our centers in Seattle, WA and Eindhoven, NL employ a full staff of highly trained technical experts that are on call, including weekends and through the night when most network changes are implemented, to answer complex troubleshooting questions interpret results and help you get the most out of ClearSight Analyzer.

Access to our Knowledge Base - You’ll have an open door to valuable information we’ve gathered from helping customers over the years, content only available to Gold Support Program members.  It also includes helpful technical articles written by our experts.

Member Only promotions - Your membership qualifies you for “Members Only” promotions and programs. This includes product discounts, access to reconditioned equipment at special prices and other special values.

As a Fluke Networks' Gold Support Member you will receive access to all of these critical support resources and ensure that you are getting the most out of ClearSight Analyzer.