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Fast. Easy. Powerful.

Enter to win the OTDR built to meet the challenges of 10G and 40G enterprise fiber infrastructures!

OptiFiber® Pro lets you quickly troubleshoot your fiber infrastructure without interpreting complex traces.

Core Capabilities:

OptiFiber Pro OTDR
  • Industry's shortest event and attenuation dead zones
  • Accelerate fiber certification with the fastest set-up and trace times
  • Future-ready VersivTM design supports copper certification to Category 8, fiber loss and inspection.
  • SmartLoop™ OTDR technology tests two fibers in a single test eliminating the need to travel to the far end of the connection to perform tests.
  • Convenient quad module supports both multimode and singlemode loss testing
  • Extended singlemode distance range to 130k

OptiFiber Pro OTDR in Action:

“We wanted to work with something more advanced and something that would last us into the future, I started out with buying the OptiFiber Pro OTDR and it worked like a charm. I didn't know about Fluke Networks early on, but I wish I did..”
-Mubeen Ahmad, Toyota Motor Manufacturing

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